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An Article Filled with Fluff

Updated on February 12, 2014

This image is an example of content fluff, not fluff to eat. This hub will focus on the latter.


Fluff -- what is it?

You may be thinking that you are in it right now, but that is just the colloquial phrase adapted for today's tech jargon, and articles that are filled with tech jargon definitions every sentence.

This is actually the brand name of a product manufactured by Durkee-Mower, Inc., generically known as "marshmallow creme". It is a delicious product to eat as a spread onto many food items from the fruits and grains sections of the USDA food pyramid. Don't worry, you cannot fudge up from scratch very easily without the stuff, so don't be scared of it. It does not contain "cream" but is called "creme", and is found inside of Cadbury Eggs, though it is made of eggs, sugar and vanilla.

What the Fluff? the name of the greatest doorway into the world of fluff -- the festival in Somerville, MA!

At, you can find out all about the What The Fluff festival, including how actress Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady from the Brady Bunch) attends the festival, and sells her marshmallow fluff-inspired art, and how you can try to become the next Pharaoh of Fluff. Whether you are interested in baking with, wearing, or becoming a celebrity in the world of fluff, this festival in the North East USA should be your first choice for first hand experience with fluff experts.

This is a great example of fluff


What is The Great 2006 Kerfluffle?

See results

How should you eat it?

Marshmallow creme will make your mouth happy in small doses. Here are some tips I recommend:

  1. Spread it on another food with a knife. Don't try to eat it with your hands or feet.
  2. Spread it thinly onto freshly baked brownies which are still warm. A little bit is all you need.
  3. At Easter time, have a fluffy bunny! Your peeps will enjoy this! In your rabbit stew, add some marshmallow fluff while it is still cooking. It will taste more like honey-glazed ham (it is a Kosher product, unlike ham).
  4. Mix the creme with warmed Neufch√Ętel cheese. You may have to beat them together after heating in the microwave to meld them together. Toast some pumpernickel bread and then dip the bread into your mix!
  5. I don't recommend trying to heat and drink it straight, but added to hot cocoa. A cocoa-kerfluffle will make a northern soul like me grin and bear it through the winter.

Fluff as a filler in between two pieces


Lost own recipe in Boston

Fluff can be added to any type of content, but it's not very nutritional, and it is too sweet to eat by itself. It is best when you add just enough to your main dish that one cannot tell the difference between the heartiness of the course and the sweetness of the gooey, chewy fluff.

You can find many varieties of fluff out there though: vegan fluff, raspberry fluff, chocolate fluff, enough fluff to stuff a duck with at holiday time. A spoonful can make the hot green tea go down easier, and it is mainly used as glue to sandwich between things. You can find fluff at most stores, although it goes by many different names nowadays (the word "fluff", remember, is brand name). It can be frozen, heated up as with rice square treats, spreadable at room temperature, and practically ageless.

A relative of mine lives in Boston, and he/she gave me a great recipe for a sandwich using marshmallow fluff.

The sandwich was delicious, but I stopped eating it to check out the summer solstice.

It was melting in the dark, all the sweet, green icing flowing down...

I left it out in the rain, and...

I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it...

and I'll never have that recipe again...

Oh no!

If there is anyone on Hubpages that is an prolific producer of fluff, please let me know the recipe in the comments below!


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