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An Introduction To Professor Brian A. Rothbart, Discoverer of the Rothbarts Foot

Updated on July 2, 2011

A Doctor Devoted To Curing Chronic Pain

Professor /Dr. Brian A. Rothbart is the medical specialist credited with the discovery of Rothbarts Foot and the development of Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy.

Professor /Dr. Rothbart has spent most of his life as both a researcher and clinician looking for new ways to help people who are suffering from chronic muscle and joint pain. He began his medical career as a foot and ankle surgeon, but soon became disenchanted with surgery. He observed that patients receiving surgery for chronic pain complaints frequently received only temporary relief. "Both my own and those of other surgeons," Professor Rothbart has said, " were soon back in the physician's office with the same problems, sometimes in more pain than before undergoing the operation."

Convinced that surgery should be a tool of last resort for treating chronic pain, Professor Rothbart began his search for the true underlying source of chronic pain. Only when the true cause of pain was identified, Rothbart reasoned, could an actual cure be found.

Professor Rothbart's resolution to find a true cause of chronic pain lead him out of surgery and into research. That research eventually lead Professor Rothbart to a significant discovery. He proved that chronic pain, not only in the feet, but also throughout the whole body, can actually come from two inherited, abnormal foot structures. One of these foot structures was named Rothbarts Foot in honor of its discoverer.

Based on seeing thousands of patients in clinical practice, Professor Rothbart estimates that approximately 80% of the world population has one of these two common, inherited foot structures.

Professor Rothbart then developed Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, which addresses and effectively treats chronic muscle and joint pain originating from these abnormal foot structures.

He has proven such success in treating chronic pain patients for who all else has failed, that his discoveries and cutting-edge therapy are now known throughout the medical world.

Video Introduction From Professor Rothbart


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