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An Uncommon Way to Awaken the Heart Chakra That Works!

Updated on July 17, 2017
Illura profile image

Illura is lineage holder to the ancient Healing art 'Tayshara', Tayshara is a way of healing dis-ease by reviving, your Universal Self.

Have you noticed that many people wanting to heal themselves are drawn to their heart chakra?

There seems to be a collective longing to restore this chakra, that is causing many to try to ‘awaken’ their heart.

But what if I was to tell you that going straight to the heart is not actually the most effective way in which to awaken this glorious energetic portal?

What if I told you that there is another chakra that must be awakened first in order for the heart to awaken and unfold?

The chakra that I speak of is the Sacral otherwise known as the Hara or Navel chakra.

And the reason why this particular chakra is of such great value to the awakening of your heart center can be put this way - if the heart chakra is the ‘hearth’ of a home, the Hara is that home’s foundations.

You see although the ‘lower’ [root, hara and solar plexus] chakras are often defined as representing mere basic levels of functioning – ‘basic’ does not necessarily mean unnecessary, ineffective or crude.

In fact all the chakras have multiple layers to them – ranging from the gross and dense to the more subtle and refined.

Even the beloved heart chakra has many layers to be moved through before one can experience the heart that is illuminated by divine, unconditional consciousness.

Many people who first begin working with their heart chakra are met by its initial layers that reflect a sea of emotion that is constantly changing form. To say the least this can be overwhelming and distracting, and as a way to control what feels uncontrollable many resort to brute force methods - leading them to fabricate the more subtle and refined levels of the heart chakra consciousness.

In order to truly awaken the heart, understand that there is a deeply inherent gift within your Hara that is designed not only to awaken the heart, but all higher resonating chakras.

The lower chakras - in varying degrees and expressions of consciousness, complex layers and pathways - are deeply rooted in the quest for continued existence. They are focused on the physical body fueled by its most base instincts which are deeply-seated in its immediate survival, pro-creation and a tribal need for belonging.

Now all these factors might seem to be well taken care of in your life and so why not move onwards and upwards to the more ‘spiritual’ chakras you might ask?

Well many folks today are using their physical body to walk this Earth, yet are completely ungrounded within its structure…with some only engaging a few measly threads of internal alignment to anchor them here!

So while there may be little to worry about in terms of basic survival, the fact that our very own bodies are so disembodied and thrown out of balance by so much mental activity, allows for huge gaps within our internal framework - and these gaps negatively effect all the other chakras - including the heart chakra.

The solution is this:

  • Spend regular time with your hands palms down over your Hara chakra and be present to your Hara by objectively observing this area.
  • Learn how to literally enter your physical body and transform it into the Temple that it is Spiritually designed to be. Experiencing the body in this way is Sacred restorative work and such teachings are available through the certain lineages that have preserved teachings.

For when you build the foundations of a house first, you are enabling this structure to be built in a sustainable way. If you try and build the walls or the roof first…dysfunction is sure to follow!

The same goes for the chakras – if you work on strengthening the internal foundations of your Temple by grounding the physical body in specific ways and building a relationship with your Hara – you are laying the foundations for future awakenings of all your higher resonating chakras.

Once you progress to the point where you are overall more physically and energetically internally connected - your heart will naturally begin to awaken – it’s a beautiful thing.

Because just as you would not set foot in a home that had no floor, the heart chakra instinctively knows when its keeper has no foundation and will not open in a supported way.

Not only are your foundations cultivating trust within the heart chakra, the same shift is occurring in your solar plexus, throat, third eye and crown chakra.

The internal trust that develops within the chakras is a direct result of being more grounded. Grounding awakens many qualities within us such as: internal calm, peace, order, relaxation, release, control, choice, awareness, skill, clarity, internal and external coordination.

These are the qualities on which all the chakras are designed to awaken and flourish!


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