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An apple a night

Updated on April 18, 2014

Mother knew best

I'm sure you've heard the old adage many times as a child, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"-- but, today that saying has new meaning in my life. My mother certainly believed that the little ryhme was true, for I still remember her cutting up apples for my sisters and me, and making sure we had one each day. My own children, who are all grown now, also remember grandma fixing them a cut-up apple every night before bedtime. Recently, however, as old age is catching up with me, I have learned to appreciate her wisdom.

After Heartburn

I enjoy cooking, and recently, while staying with a daughter and her children, I've enjoyed doing some of the cooking for the family. They love pasta and mexican food---so, as you've probably guessed, I've also felt the effects of heatburn after a meal. One night while trying to sleep, inspite of the acid reflux that I felt, a thought came to mind very clearly--"go eat an apple." I actually got up and went to the kitchen and cut up an apple and ate it. To my surprise, the heartburn went away--I couldn't believe it! The next night, I remembered to eat an apple again before bed with the same results. I tried different types of apples--braeburn, gala, rome, etc.--and it didn't seem to matter which variety I chose--they all worked the same. While staying with another of my children, who also suffered from acid reflux, I suggested she try the same remedy and cut her up an apple before bed----amazingly, it worked for her also. I couldn't believe that something so simple could make such a huge difference--but it did!

So now, when I think of that little ryhme and my sweet mother that practiced it----I am so very thankful for her, and for apples!



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