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An Achievement - 60 Miles In Three Days

Updated on March 12, 2012
Our Pink Angel Posse routing us on and on and on ....
Our Pink Angel Posse routing us on and on and on .... | Source

Due to various health issues I had the gastric by pass in 2007. I made a promise to myself that once I lost the weight I would challenge myself each year to do something that would help make a difference. In the fall of 2009 I kept hearing the advertisements regarding the Susan G Koman 3 day walk in Boston. I tucked that idea away and each time I heard another advertisement it was back, as if saying, thought you got rid of me didn't you? I did some research and put my big girl pants on, went on line and registered.

I had to attend a information session where everything would be explained and then there was a question and answer session. We each received a packet that went over all we talked about and a little bit more. There were stickers you could place on your car bumper and ones made for windows, a few pins, a pink jelly ring and a training log with incentive. I checked the local area and found a wonderful lady Jackie who was on the Pink Angels. I joined and began my training walks.

The first walk took place in February. We walked three miles the first time and kept it a three miles for a few more training sessions then pushed it up to five miles. I also began to work on my fundraising. I had to make at least $2500.00 to stay on site for the three days. I walked in my neighborhood when I wasn't able to join the Pink Angels. The ladies on this team are absolutely wonderful, warm and caring people. Some joined because they wanted to make a difference, some because they were fighting breast cancer, some who were survivors and others who lost someone to this dreaded disease.

I trained from February until two days before the event. I had gotten myself to between sixteen and twenty miles. The before the event I joined the group at the Sheridan in Boston on Thursday July 23rd, I was sharing a room with a member of the team. It made more sense to stay overnight because we needed to be up, packed, dressed and fed by 6am. They were shuttling groups to the opening ceremonies. Mind you the day started with massive downpours. We were soaked before the walk even began. The opening ceremonies began Friday July 24th and the ending ceremony on Sunday July 26th.

I was amazed that the amount of people and businesses that were cheering us on, offering food, drinks and words of encouragement. All three days were like that, people held signs saying Thank You, our group had our own cheering squad who followed us throughout the weekend. The Pink Angels Posse. And who said real men don't wear pink!

Each night as we entered camp there were fellow walkers there to great us. A special team that was always there with the support Men With Heart. They are a group of wonderful men young and old who walk right along with us.

We would go to our pink tents, grab a new set of clothes and take a nice hot shower. They have trailer beds and make shift showers. Then it's off to dinner and the evenings entertainment. We had karaoke, a massage tent, a game tent, they had a wall of remembrance where you could write a note to a loved one or friend who had passed away. That year we lost two girls from our team. Our team captain had special buttons with their pictures for us all to wear during the walk. We even had a man on our team who has breast cancer.

This was also a chance for me to explore Boston in all it's historical glory. This was an experience that I will never forget. As tired as I was, a much as my feet hurt by the end of the walk it was simply amazing. I was proud of what I had accomplished. I met some special people and together we walked in hopes that one day breast cancer will cease to be.

The Pink Angel Posse & Men with Heart
The Pink Angel Posse & Men with Heart | Source


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