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An Egg A Day: Why it Can be Good For You

Updated on July 31, 2016

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So is an Egg Healthy or Not?

So the question we now have to ask is: is the egg healthy for us or not?

There are a few claims as to why the egg would not be healthy;

It is high in Cholesterol and Fats which is known to form a plaque in the artery walls. This could mean heart failure and other problems to our health. But there is a different side to the egg. Though the average person may not find the benefit of tucking into their eggs in the morning before work in the office, the fitness fanatic and athlete may find it a valuable source of nutrition. This is because a high active lifestyle that involves both cardiovascular and muscular fitness ensures that what you put into your body will be used constructively. (Keeping in mind that the best foods to consume are the healthy kind). Any athlete will tell you a large consumption of fats, carbohydrates and especially sugars will do you no good.

Until recently, athletes have taken favor over egg whites, discarding the yolk for its high fat content. However recent studies have now shown us that consuming an entire egg is more beneficial.

What’s in The Egg?

Egg yolks are generally seen as bad because of its high cholesterol and fat content. But it can be seen as a beneficial food source.

It contains a majority of the eggs;

  • Vitamins
  • Iron
  • Zink
  • Phosphorus
  • Fats

Phosphorus is both used in the body to promote the strengthening of bones with Calcium, and the filtration of waste. Though the yolk of an egg is particularly high in cholesterol, the University of Connecticut did a study proving that that particular type of cholesterol in the egg yolk is not necessarily bad for you.

This is because the body has dietary cholesterol called HDL (the good stuff) and an equal counterpart called LDL (the bad stuff). They noted that the body equals out these two counterparts, making the consumption of high cholesterol products less of an issue. But the study also found that certain types of people are prone to the opposite of this statement. This could be due to the type of foods a person consumes, to the amount of physical activity. Cholesterol can be very important for athletes because the body uses it to slow down the disintegration of muscles and protein during and after physical performance. The body also converts cholesterol into testosterone, which is vital for anyone building muscle. But why is all this so important?

How do Muscles Grow?

When you work out, your body is in the process of breaking down the muscle fibers that are put under strain. Afterwards, the body begins to repair the damage. This is done by fusing muscle fibers (myfrobils) back together. The tissue literally becomes thicker from the repair; this means they become bigger and stronger. But in order for all this to happen efficiently your body needs protein, amino acids and fats. Without them, your body will begin to consume its own muscle tissue in order to fuel itself; this means you lose muscle mass and therefore strength.

What is Testosterone & Protein?

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the body that increases protein synthesis. In other words, it stops the body from destroying protein and uses it along with other minerals and chemicals to produce vital hormones in the body.

Protein is found in foods like milk, meats, nuts and eggs. Protein consists of a construction of various amino acids which produce hormones and enzymes that help muscles react correctly and grow. Without these, cells in the body can no longer be regulated.

If that happens, we will simply no longer be able to function.

Whey Protein Powder


So Would You Take Another Look at The Humble Egg?

So the egg packs quite a big punch for such a small package.

A & M, Texas conducted a 12 week survey within a training routine and found that athletes who ate three eggs a day gained almost double the muscle mass as opposed to those who did not.

Even though the egg has been getting bad rep, there is a benefit to it. As long as you eat healthy and exercise regularly, most high fat foods like the humble egg can prove beneficial.


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The humble Egg

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