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Anabolic Steroids - A Brief History

Updated on April 24, 2013

The controversy that surrounds steroids and their use today is so blown out of proportion it could almost be laughable! The near hysterical rants of the press and political powers that be, show a blatantly uninformed and biased perspective.

Whilst it is agreed that the abuse of ANY drug is both stupid and ill-advised, what is really called for is more information. Information allows grown adults to make their own decisions. Information allows for the safe use of steroids, for used they will definitely be! Informed and safe use use of steroids would be so much easier if they were legalised and controlled. But that's another story!

To use steroids safely you need to understand a little bit about how they work and where they came from. I don't know about you, but I am kinda curious about what ends up inside my body!

Just to give you a bit of background, steroids were originally conceived back in 1929 when a procedure to produce an extract of potent activity (whatever that might be!) from bull's testicles was attempted, and in 1935 a more purified form of this extract was created. So no bullshit, just bull's balls; testosterone was born!

Pure Testosterone
Pure Testosterone

It All Started With Bull's Balls!

You gotta wonder in awe at the kind of guy who sits down and says "I know what we'll do tomorrow. We'll hack some bull's testicles off and we'll see what we can get out of them to help my friend with his bodybuilding!"

Initial uses were intended for hormone replacement and tissue regeneration in burn's victims and those suffering from wasting diseases.

In 1954 a doctor John Ziegler attending the World Weightlifting Championships in Austria, spent some time querying the Russian team doctor on how their team had managed to achieve such astonishing results.

His reply: "легко мой друг" (That's Russian for "Easy my friend! We use anabolic steroids!") Remember this was 1954 and they were not even known about, let alone banned!

So Dr Ziegler went back to work and in 1956 Methandrostenolone was created and was given the now familiar name of "Dianabol". Aha! So they've been around for over 50 years! Not some new untested untried fad!

Following years of some seriously big guys in sweaty gyms openly swallowing heaps of D-bol tabs Ziegler's weightlifters were performing way ahead of anyone else in the states and rapidly closing in on their Russian competitors. It was the early 1960s and D-bol had really arrived with a bang!

Recognition At Last For Dr John Ziegler

Bodybuilding Results
Bodybuilding Results

Worldwide Ban

By 1967 the International Olympic Committee had decided the bang was unfair and that enough was enough. They set about banning the performance enhancing drugs and by the mid 70's most major sporting bodies had followed suit.

Following closely on the worldwide banning of steroids they soon gained an underground following and became widely used, primarily in the world of bodybuilding and other strength and power based athletic pursuits.

No matter what the publicised risks to either one's health or one's liberty, the phenominal results obtained by using gear was proving way too alluring.

Ever since, the world of steroids has continued to evolve. The main focus of this evolution has been in the search for compounds that retain the anabolic properties but carry little to none of the side-effects that tend to be associated with the use of anabolic steroids.

Oh yes and they are always looking for compounds or techniques that make it even harder to detect their use by the worldwide international sporting bodies that don't want their athletes using them!

So that's enough for now about where they came from. Next we want to know what do they do and how do they do it, don't we?

Well guess what? You're just gonna have to wait until the next installment!

Sure Makes You Wonder How Many Are Using!


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      7 years ago

      Yep very helpful

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      buy steroids 

      7 years ago from Beijing China

      I was seeking information on steroids when I discovered this hub.. It is nice and easy to understand.. Congratulations. It will be an inspiration for me


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