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Anaerobic threshold training for 10k

Updated on April 28, 2011

Training for 10k is useless without the knowledge of an anaerobic system or in simple words the system with limited sustainability. It includes that condition of a body at which the lactic acid is built up at a faster speed than its decomposition by the body. In this particular condition, our body may exhaust fumes or may feel pain in muscles, which are involved in the running.

This specific point may be referred as the lactate threshold or anaerobic threshold in medical history. Therefore, its basic information is essential for each player for getting better results from training for 10k in marathon race. This period of aerobic metabolism will be enhanced by the consistent practice daily, and with the passage of time this will increase for better results in running. If any athlete is involved in routine practice for running, then time of the consumption of lactic acid will be increased, and a player can run for more time.

By the regular training, there will be increased in the AT, and it means that you will be able to run for longer time. This is directly proportional to the lactate threshold. That is more the lactate faster you will run for longer time. This is essential part of the training for 10k, and strictly followed by most of the instructors. Nowadays, many players are using different techniques to run faster and for longer time. Mostly, in long distance race, the time of running is very important.

A player is running faster for the short time as compared to the player who is running for a long distance will be looser at the end of race. In these days, most of the coaches are using the enhancement in anaerobic level of players, so that a player can run faster in marathon for long time. However, there are several methods and common procedures, which are necessary for the determining the AT a level of any player. The most accurate level of AT cannot be determined without the help of any famous laboratory.

This method may be more costly for some players, and they may consider this method as non practicable. This method is also non affordable by some players. You can increase the efficiency of you heart beat around 85 percent from normal level after a complete schedule of 10 kilometre race. So, if there is a need to get maximum benefits in least time, ant it will be possible after getting the proper training for 10k.

This particular training for 10k will enhance the heart beat so your heart will be able to control the high blood pressure conditions. After many times practice you can measure the exact level of your anaerobic threshold. One of the most important ways to train your body according to the anaerobic threshold is monitoring of heart rate. If you are using to warm up process, then at 7th or 8th push up you should keep your body flat out few seconds to measure heart rate. By repeating this process, you will be able to find out the maximum heart rate which your body can bear during running in long distance race.


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