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Mechanical Bathroom Scales - Analog Dial Weighing Machine & Bath Scale

Updated on February 15, 2012

Analog dial weighing machines are seen as old fashioned bathroom scales by many manufacturers and are rapidly being over-taken by digital ones instead. For that reason, it can be hard to find mechanical bath scales in the offline world. Online however, you can still find a great selection of at online retailers and this page features some of the best rated offers out there.

Mechanical Compared With Digital Bathroom Scales

Ultimately, whether you choose to buy a digital scale or mechanical one is probably going to be a matter of aesthetic taste. Analog models have that old-world, old fashioned retro style about them which fits much better into certain types of home decor. Analog floor scales are simple, basic weighing machines. They do not offer some of the bells and whistles which some digital scales provide. There are no memory functions, no speech features, no backlit displays, nothing like that at all. Instead, you get a easy to use, simple, basic bathroom scale which just gives your weight with no added 'stuff' which, in all honesty, most of us never use anyway.

Analog models are not for everyone of course, if they were, then they'd not be losing out to digital scales amongst manufacturers. Aside from the 'missing' extra features digital products can display, analog weighing machines may require regular calibration to give an accurate reading. This is basically a simple tweak of a wheel or knob at the back of the unit to zero it with no weight being applied. No tools required, just a quick tweak but this is something you don't have to do with digital products...of course, with those you just have to assume it's accurate and if it isn't then you've got to buy a new one.

Mechanical Bathroom Scales are the Greener Option

If you care about electronic plastic junk piling up in the word's landfills then you're probably better off picking up an analog bathroom scale. There are no digital displays here, no printed circuit board and microchips calculating your weight and no batteries powering the system. These are mechanical products using the traditional metal coils and springs to calculate your weight, a much more eco friendly solution. You can find these made almost completely from metal component parts which are not only stronger but can be recycled after use rather than dumped in a landfill.

Which Are More Accurate?

Unfortunately, that is an impossible question to answer. Put two next to each other, even two scales from the EXACT same make and model, and you'll probably get different results. What is important is when you are trying to lose fat or maintain a healthy weight, you really needn't worry too much about the accuracy of a bath scale anyway. If your scale says you are 180lbs and another says you are 185 lbs and you lose 5lbs, both are going to show you lost 5lbs...which is surely what matters. Consider your reading to be an estimate, not a completely precise figure.

The only real difference in accuracy between the two types of weight machines are from the user themselves. It is easy to fudge the results of an analog scale, and hard to read the fractions of a pound you may have lost if you are micromanaging your weight. When dieting, sometimes it is nice to know you lost 0.3 kilograms and whilst this is easy to read on a digital scale which will give you big bold numbers pointing out your new level is 179.7 it's much harder to read when the hand is pointing between notches on an analog dial.

Those little micro measurements might be an important motivator to some when dieting but for general fat loss, you should probably be more worried about the bigger numbers.

Other Weight Machine Articles

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