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Anaphylaxis Symptoms reveal

Updated on August 22, 2014

Anaphylaxis is an important and very dangerous allergic reaction

Anaphylaxis is an important and very dangerous allergic reaction that settles in your body rapidly and may cause death. The common causes can include medications, different types of food, insect bites or stings.

How fast the symptoms of anaphylaxis develop in your body depends on how the trigger entered your body.

For example: if the trigger was something that you ate, like peanuts, then it can take anything from a couple of minutes up to two hours. If the trigger enters your skin, like a sting from an insect or an injection, it will take usually 5 to 30 minutes for the symptoms to appear.


The anaphylaxis symptoms can vary in severity. For instance sometimes the anaphylaxis can cause mild swelling or itching, but in some individuals it can be very strong, extreme and can lead to death.

Now I will present the main symptoms of a mild to moderate allergic reaction which may include: tingling in the mouth, runny nose, swelling of the eyes and conjunctiva, lips and face, hives or welts, and abdominal pain and/ or vomiting.

Also the main symptoms of a severe allergic reaction can include: swelling of the tongue, difficulty in breathing or noisy breathing, tightness or swelling in the throat, difficulty in talking and/ or hoarse voice, persistent coughing or wheezing (wheezing is caused, usually, by spasms of the bronchial muscles), collapse and/ or loss of consciousness, young children may appear pale and floppy, and abdominal pain or vomiting when anaphylaxis is associated with an allergic reaction to an insect sting or bite, the skin may also be blue tinged because it is deprived of oxygen.

You should know that the most common areas affected by anaphylaxis include: skin (80- 90 percent) respiratory (70percent), gastrointestinal (30–45percent), heart and vasculature (10–45percent), and central nervous system (10–15percent) with usually two or more being involved.

The symptoms of anaphylaxis associated with the heart can include: coronary artery spasm followed by myocardial infarction, dysrhythmia, or cardiac arrest. People who have coronary diseases are the ones in greater risk of cardiac effects from anaphylaxis. The cause of the coronary spasm is related to the presence of histamine- releasing cells in the heart. Also you should know that rarely very low blood pressure can be the only sign of anaphylaxis.

If you think that you may have anaphylaxis it is good to try the ABC method and check: airways, breathing, and circulation. If you have the symptoms affecting all three of these systems of the body it means that most likely you have anaphylaxis and seek for medical help.


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