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Anemia Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Diets to Know about and Follow

Updated on July 31, 2015
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Anemia: What is going on in our Bodies?

Our body is a perfect working organism that can carry out many of our wishes and desires. As a perfect organism and machine, maintenance and care is constantly required and we live longer and healthier if we do this better.

There are some things we cannot stop from happening since the immune system and our defenses can't defend against everything and everyone. Some of these conditions are spread diseases or viruses that affect a large population quickly and effortlessly. Soon enough, with the help of our body adapting and doctors creating a vaccine, we begin changing and getting accustomed to these complications as well. A great example is chicken pox since we only get it once. After that, we are fully prepared to fight the virus that causes it and never get it again.

There are other illnesses that are reoccurring. These allow some space for us to prevent and eradicate them. Constant care, a good diet and regular checks with the doctor will help us be almost immune to conditions like the common cold or the flu. Another one of these diseases that affects many because of not paying attention to their consumption is Anemia.

A sickness that occurs only when our blood does not have enough hemoglobin, healthy red blood cells; it is characterized for the lack of oxygen in our cells and the dire need for iron in your diet.

Prohemia Natural Blood Support Anemia Care

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Prohemia Natural Blood Builder and Support for Healthy Iron Levels, Oxygen and Red Blood Cells production, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO - 60 Tablets…

Prohemia® is a scientifically formulated, patent-pending nutritional supplement created with one goal in mind: to help support healthy blood levels in individuals with anemia and increase their energy levels. Prohemia® stimulates the kidneys to produce erythropoietin (EPO) which safely increases your body's natural production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. When this happens you feel more energy and less fatigue because your blood is carrying more oxygen. The active ingredients in patent-pending Prohemia address the four major limitations on red blood cell production; namely, I) EPO levels, II) red blood cell nutrients, III) iron availability, and IV) inflammation.


What are the causes of anemia?

This ailment is not caused by any virus or bacteria. Many cases are actually hereditary. Even though, people suffering from this do get it only because of a big fault of iron in their diets. It does not matter if it is because of a lack or because it is hereditary, this is still treated the same way. Your age is also an important factor in being susceptible of iron-deficiency. Women are usually afflicted the most since menstruation and pregnancy lead to a large loss of blood which means less hemoglobin that could cause Anemia.

Anemia in children

As in adults, anemia in children is caused by the same faults. Infections; medication and a poor nutrition are basically the reasons for this to happen resulting in a iron deficiency. You should be alert if you see your kid getting dizzy, getting headaches, lack of energy, difficulty in breathing, and the most common of all, abnormal paleness.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at | Source

Anemia in women and young girls

Women are more predisposed to get Anemia when having their period or being pregnant. During pregnancy, women should be right on top of all the supplements prescribed by the doctor, as they are intended to address any deficiency that will bring about complications such as Anemia.

Young girls and women going through their menstrual course should be eating iron rich meals and drinking fluids (like the natural juices we recommend), that will provide with a daily iron supplement to prevent any symptoms of Anemia.

There are more than 40 types of Anemia as of now; most of them are divided into three subcategories. You could suffer from this condition because of,

  • Blood loss
  • Bad red cell production
  • Red blood cell damage

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Image courtesy of hin255 at | Source

Signs of moderate or severe anemia

The symptoms for moderate to severe Anemia are pretty clear and can be usually spotted early. Some may vary, depending on the person and their condition, especially of really young or old. The symptoms are usually these:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Constant headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Pale skin
  • Cold hands and feet

If severe, besides the symptoms already mentioned, you may also see:

  • Strange cravings for things like dirt or clay
  • Very pale skin
  • swelling or soreness in the tongue

There is nothing to be afraid of if you are experiencing any of these. Anemia is very common and can be treated easily from home. Most of our population will get this illness at one point or another. Some of them will get them as a side effect to a bigger disease, may it be bone marrow disease, cancer, AIDS, Crohn's disease or any chronic inflammatory conditions.

Remember that if you don't treat Anemia your health is going to decline. What I mean by this is that Anemia is not something we have worry about it if we take care of it. If we don't it can get out of hand and result in something serious.

3 Foods High in Iron

Moderate or Severe Anemia Treatment

Whenever you face any of the symptoms above, make sure to contact your doctor so they can tell you what procedure or diet you have to follow. Many actually only realize they are suffering from Anemia during physical exertion or donating blood. If your hemoglobin levels are low, you are not allowed to donate blood since it is just going to cause and excessive blood loss. In the other case, if you notice that you get much worse while exercising and see no real reason as to why you feel that way, be sure to consider this as a possible ailment.

The treatment for Anemia can be very basic. Because the patient is going through a loss of healthy red blood cells, the cure is usually getting more iron and vitamin B12 in their diet. This means the meals and drinks you consume should very slightly different than usual and should aim to be richer in these two things. Here are some foods and liquids that have a lot of iron and can be great for anyone that is Anemic.

Anemia: Iron Deficiency Diet

Anemia: Iron Deficiency Diet: Anemia: Iron Deficiency
Anemia: Iron Deficiency Diet: Anemia: Iron Deficiency

If you are under a doctor’s care, this information is even more important. Your doctor will not give you this information, since he or she is not a nutritionist. You can use this natural information given here with your doctor’s iron medication.

Is your doctor asking you to eat liver? You don’t have to eat liver with this anemia diet that I outline for you. When you have blood anemia, you will need to build up your body’s iron storage. This is done by eating for anemia and taking the right supplements that give or enhance your absorption of iron.

Discover the variety of herbs that you can use that are high in iron. By combining them with a nutritional anemia diet, you will soon be continually supplying yourself with iron until you replenish your stores.

Eating foods for anemia is one of the best ways to supplement your doctor’s treatment. You will discover all of the different ways to treat anemia. The anemia information in the book is for children, women, and men.

Details of the causes, symptoms, types, and treatments of anemia are given in various chapters, so that you know what you are up against, when you have anemia.


Blackstrap Molasses

Here are some foods and liquids that have a lot of iron and can be great for anyone that is Anemic.

B to H
L to P
R to W
Beef or chicken liver
Lamb Leg
Raisin bran
Bell peppers
Brown rice
Orange and prune juice
Tofu smoothie Haddock
Clams, mollusks and mussels
Cooked turkey, beef, chicken and pigeon
Peanut Butter
Whole wheat bread
Image courtesy of phasinphoto at
Image courtesy of phasinphoto at | Source

What are treatments for anemia?

If you like the natural way of getting healthy, here are two juice recipes you can try out at home to prevent getting Anemia.

Beet, Carrot and Orange juice

  1. Extract the juice from 6 oranges, one pound of beets and one pound of carrots. If you do not have a juice extractor, you can do it in a blender.
  2. Mix thoroughly
  3. Try not adding sugar to it. It tastes great just as is, but if you need sugar, keep it at a minimum.

Guava with Red Pepper juice

  1. Extract both guava and red pepper juice
  2. Mix with water to your taste
  3. Again, try not to add sugar

5 Things You Need to Know about Beets

All these things are great to include in your diet, Anemia or not. They are all healthy and really easy to get. Some come prepared and ready to be eaten but I highly suggest making most of these at home since their composition can be somewhat fragile and knowing how you want it prepared can be great for the ease of your mind.

Going back to the topic at hand, anyone and everyone should be consuming things like this anyways. It is always better to prevent something than to have to deal with the consequences later on the road. So make sure to get good amounts of iron and vitamin B12 daily and keep an eye out for any of the symptoms listed above. Talking to your doctor will always be an important step in being anemic since there are the different types and depending on your family and medical history, the procedures will be different, especially if the Anemia is a byproduct of another disease.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez


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