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Angelica Archangelica and Its Medicinal Uses

Updated on April 12, 2011

Botanical Description

It 's a big crop or spontaneous, herbaceous, biennial, high. At over five feet. Or fusiform tuberous root, long, brown, rough, fibrous ring, fleshy and whitish inside. Caul erect, striated, cylindrical, succulent, branched. Leaves alternate, sub-segments in chordates, bipennatosette, lobed, with toothed margin, and has three lobes with the terminal. Picciuolo fistula, cylindrical, with the sheath extending over and dilated. The flowers of the Archangel is a yellowish green, collected in terminal subglobose and compound umbels. Housing equalizing the umbrella, at 3-5 leaves. Involucretto made of leaves and linear subula 8. Five teeth in the cup. Five petals, elliptical, acuminate, entire, curved inside. Inferior ovary. The diachenio (fruit), ovoid, somewhat compressed. Carpels 5-ribbed, reels, widely winged the two sides. Two seeds whitish, convex on the back, the pericarp free.It is a herbal plant

Its botanical origin is northern Europe, but naturalized and grows wild in uncultivated places, fields, meadows, along the levees, roads, lower in mountainous areas of southern and central Russia. It is located along the rivers and marshes and wet. North Asia. It is cultivated in Germany, France, on the banks of the Dnieper, Scandinavia and Siberia.

Chemical Composition

 Angelic acid and valerian, tannin, sugar, rubber, an essential oil that contains phellandrene (terebangilene) methylethylacetate acids, and ossipentadecilico ossimiristico, consisting of a resin acid and ombelliferone pirocatechico, over several coumarins and phellandrene, a lactone.

Pharmacodynamic Action

Antacids, antiputrida, aromatic bechica, carminative, diuretic, emocinetica, expectorant, sedative bronchial spasmolytic, tonic. Therapeutic applications. Fetid breath, chronic bronchitis, nervous dyspepsia, enteronevrosi, putrid fermentation, indigestion, hyperchlorhydria, hysteria, flatulence, oliguria, heartburn, gastrointestinal and esophageal spasms. Is recommended in chlorosis, vaginal discharge, anorexia of psychic origin. In the composition of different dessert liqueurs: Chartreuse, the Benedictine, the poses. As an emmenagogue promotes menstruation and is a good wormer. Do not confuse the Archangel Angelica Angelica silvestris, similar, but less aromatic and refined, with a pungent and aromatic juice, like that of the Archangel, but also with the same active medicaments. One scholar argues that chewing the root of Archangels ensures longevity.


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