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A Spiritual Medley for Meditation

Updated on October 25, 2017
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Marie formerly taught meditation at Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston and is currently pursuing studies as a relaxation therapist.

Spirit Flying
Spirit Flying | Source
The lamb's quarters actually seemed to be teasing me . . .
The lamb's quarters actually seemed to be teasing me . . . | Source

Angels in the Garden

It was a hot, sweltery day. I could feel the sweat trickle down my eyebrow as I adjusted my straw hat. The weeds weren’t disappearing fast enough to suit my impatient mood. The lamb’s quarters actually seemed to be teasing me, as if to defiantly dare me to pull them out. The ragweed wasn’t cooperating, either.

I had been working . . . since sunup . . .
I had been working . . . since sunup . . . | Source

I had been working my 800 square-foot garden since sunup, preparing it for planting. The sun was now directly overhead, and I stood in the center of my shrunken shadow. The task of clearing the earth seemed backbreaking. It was time to take a rest--some lunch seemed to be just the thing.

Hanging my hoe on the gate, I strolled to the back porch and took off my shoes. I hung my straw hat on a coat hook and proceeded into the kitchen to the refrigerator.

What looked good?

There was a loaf of homemade bread, a packet of Swiss cheese, fresh lettuce, and a tomato.

Great! I thought. I’ll make myself a lettuce-tomato sandwich with a slab of Swiss.

Plate in hand, I seated myself and began to chew my sandwich thoughtfully. Pictures from my childhood began to emerge.

. . . I hear faint, angelic singing.
. . . I hear faint, angelic singing. | Source

I am a child back on my parents’ farm and weeding carrots. It’s early summer. I can feel the wooden handle and weight of the hoe in my hands. The repetitive, rhythmic strokes move the soil methodically, carefully avoiding the roots of the new plants. Chush, chush . . .chush, chush! In the distance, I hear faint, angelic singing. I look up to see translucent figures, like wisps of clouds, moving in the field. They, too, are tending the plants. I hum their melody while I work. One-third . . . half . . . done with the row and onto the next. Green carrot tops fluff like crops of hair. A surge of accomplishment fills my heart.

I came out of my reverie and finished my sandwich. I slipped back into my shoes and put the straw hat back on my head.

As I grabbed my hoe, a little melody filled my head.

Hmm. Now where have I heard that before?

A new energy carried me—the weeds now yielded their grip.

A little after dusk, I sat quietly listening to the tree peepers and gazed over the cleared plot that was ready for planting.

Had I really done it? Or had some supernatural force accompanied me?

I possessed a distinct sense of comfort. . . .

Definitely, I decided, I had help. * * *

High on spiraling rifts of clouds . . .
High on spiraling rifts of clouds . . . | Source

Angel Unawares

High on spiraling rifts of clouds,

My thoughts reach upward

To that heavenly place

Where angels dwell—

Upward, upward, higher still

My heartfelt grace climbs

Past all known realms

Until I find myself

Face to face with my own

True image, glistening, glowing

Nevermore returning,

Then the sublime suddenly

Synchronizes with souls yet

Earthbound and I realize

A presence, a reality

Unlike I had never known

Before on earth—

Another being, a graceful being . . .

An angel, my guardian angel

Who had been by my side

All along without my knowing,

. . . my guardian angel ....That tender, radiant . . . Visage . . .
. . . my guardian angel ....That tender, radiant . . . Visage . . . | Source

Without showing me her face—

That tender, radiant, smiling

Visage only children see

Keeping vigil and guiding, protecting

Until I knew I was home all along. ***


Spiritual Journal Excerpts

Satuday, April 28th

Last night, for the first time, I experienced schooling in the higher octave. People were forming portals of light ascending by their thoughts--and prayers, etc.

So, I'm thinking, perhaps, Serapis Bey may be the appropriate master for me. Other influences may have been the walk on Ogemaw Pathways and the playing of Chant before bedtime.

Sunday, July 22nd

I had a very visual dream before waking--almost with a narrative nature. I do remember an emerald green tablet with cuneiform etchings.

Saturday, February 23rd

I'm at the West Branch First United Methodist Church for a Bridal Show. [There are] Decorations on every fourth pew: white glitter branches with [a] white satin sash. Two pedestals [are] near the altar; one pedestal is half the height of the other. [The] Pedestals are cube appearing, covered with white satin. Atop each is a floral-type arrangement with white calla lilies, baby's breath, and white glitter branches. There are also two feather-like pieces in the left bouquet. The right, smaller bouquet appears to have a paper rose or two with very large, fluffy petals.

Thursday, May 30th

Just a note about what I have observed about my decree sessions: 1) tingling at the bottom of my feet, and 2) a sense of vibrational symmetry.

I heard the most wonderful dictation of St. Germain regarding Mt. Shasta, a portal to the planet Venus. How beautiful! I will sleep deeply tonight.

Soothing Music for Meditation

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© 2012 Marie Flint


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    • Marie Flint profile image

      Marie Flint 4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      This hub began as just a fantasy essay called "Angels in the Garden." As I began learning more from the Hub Pages Learning Center, I incorporated other things of mine that I thought were related. I added more pictures with proper attributions and the harp music video.

      Research for graphics takes time, but is worth the effort. I am very pleased with the result.