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Four Health Disorders Caused by Anger: Anger Management

Updated on May 31, 2018
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Halley is a man who wants to share information through useful writing about health .

Anger | Source

Four Health Disorders Caused by Anger

One of the human actions to vent his feelings is to get angry. anger that accumulates into negative energy in the body. In addition to harming others, continuous anger in a person can cause four health problems that harm the person. There are four bad effects on health that arise due to anger.

Here are four health problems:

  1. Stress: The impact of anger that first appeared was stress. Feelings of stress can cause some serious illnesses like increasing high blood sugar causing diabetes. In addition, your soul will become depressed and cause your blood pressure to be high which triggers heart disease. Stress is also a state of the body caused by bad thoughts. Anger is one of those feelings that is the beginning of a bad and unhealthy mind. People who are always angry is a situation caused by a bad way of thinking. Prolonged bad thoughts will be stressful. Because your soul is getting worse on situations and problems that can actually be solved.
  2. Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure: Impact The second anger is heart disease and high blood pressure. Both of these health problems can strike you. The illness comes, because anger is increased and sustained, triggering an accelerated heartbeat. After feelings of anger are gathered and exploded through bad actions. All of that will trigger heart disease and you can have a stroke. The anger that someone has will make the blood path faster, along with an irregular breathing pattern. After that your heart rate will rise and trigger high blood pressure and higher so it can damage your heart organ.
  3. Sleep Disorders: When you are overwhelmed by anger. anger that accumulates and culminates, will increase some of your hormones. Cause the mind to work harder to think of something you would do to vent the anger. All that, cause you to think of many things, when it happens, you will experience sleep disorders. Prolonged sleep disturbances will also bring many other diseases. One of them, drives you crazy.
  4. Headache and Respiratory Problems: Bad thoughts, prejudice, self-blame from a bad situation. causing you to work hard in thinking, Your prolonged and never-ending thinking, finding no solutions to problems, and taking wrong actions in the face of problems. Everything will obscure the situation and make you an angry person. Someone who is angry with disappointment, despair, and arrogance. Is the trigger headache. Simply put, we can imagine the headache is usually triggered and caused from lack of oxygen that enters the brain. It is caused by our irregular breathing when anger arises. When it happens continuously. It is not impossible, headaches and respiratory problems will present a disease that afflicts you all who often become an angry person.

Sick with Anger
Sick with Anger | Source
A happy soul
A happy soul | Source

How Avoiding Anger

Every problem in life actually has its own way out. Way of thinking with a good point of view. will make a person ready to deal with the problem in a wise way. Without the need to vent with anger.

A good way of thinking we understand as a solution to the problems that come. ignorance can also cause us to be incapable of thinking as usual. instantaneous, anger will be present. when the anger comes, it is also our ability as human beings who have reason to react. Calming the mind can be done with, looking at the circumstances around, see yourself, the body we have is the solution of every problem. To get a quiet soul is not easy when the anger comes.

Let's take an example of an economic or financial problem. the anger that arises because of financial problems we can actually mean the same with other problems in general. Human life requires only food and clothing as basic needs. however, the basic human way of thinking has changed. when financial problems come to us. the best way is we try harder in fulfilling it, work harder, gain profit with body as capital "to worker". or use money as a capital for profit.

After you read, you actually understand. refraining from being overcome by anger is the last resort. as we are able to withstand hunger caused by circumstances.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle and diet will also be a support in a person's way of thinking not to become a person ruled by anger.

Let's try this way. Find the circumstances in which you are alone, you ponder and enter into the mind of this life. Always think of beautiful and good things. Try to take a deep breath and close your eyes. when you do it your body will feel comfortable because oxygen into the brain more. Then, go to a comfortable place, and lie down for a while, if you need to sleep. because while sleeping is the best way to not get angry and forget about trouble.

It's all an old-fashioned way to get rid of anger.

"Try it, that way if you want to get angry, and be a happy person."

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro


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