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Anger Management Activities: Exercises and Techniques.

Updated on April 12, 2017

Top recommendations for Anger Management Activities

If you get angry, that is one thing, but being angry and taking it out on somebody else either physically or mentally can cause you undue consequences. Dealing with anger properly can be a daunting task. You can lose friends and hurt loved ones. When you are not able to handle situations that are nerve-racking and cause you to be aggravated are the foundation for which anger and rage begin. For the most part it is easy for us as adults to know when we have a problem with anger that is irrepressible. The reason for this is because right before we feel the anger getting out of control we can fell that tug in our heart that says stop now, it only last a slip second. The need to listen to your heart that spilt second is the difference in being able to control your anger or it turning into rage. In this section I'll cover some simple anger management activities which you can use before a social situation that you know is going to cause you stress and frustration. These anger management activities are good to use after a situation that brought on anger that you can feel slipping away from you, and these activities can bring a calming effect. This may seem like a simple solution but perhaps you have never thought how useful this techniques and activities in regard to anger management.


Exercise, yes that dirty word that I even ate...I mean hate.  It can help to release a little tension to help with anger management.
Exercise, yes that dirty word that I even ate...I mean hate. It can help to release a little tension to help with anger management.


AAAWWWWW the gym, nothing like a little grunting, a lot actually, and lifting to help manage anger.
AAAWWWWW the gym, nothing like a little grunting, a lot actually, and lifting to help manage anger.

Nature walk

Nature walk for the soul, OK, maybe not here exactly. :)
Nature walk for the soul, OK, maybe not here exactly. :)


Go to the zoo but don't feed the animals anything, including yourself.
Go to the zoo but don't feed the animals anything, including yourself.

Group Therapy

This is a great way to go about anger management, group therapy, thumb suckers, and nail bitters welcome
This is a great way to go about anger management, group therapy, thumb suckers, and nail bitters welcome

It's for the children

Anger management activities for children should be engaging and stimulating, the opposite for adults.
Anger management activities for children should be engaging and stimulating, the opposite for adults.

Outdoor Anger Management Activities

There are several anger management activities people can perform or partake in when trying to manage daily feelings of anger. The first activity that can have a squelching effect on anger management is exercise. Yes, Sir/Ma'am the all elusive exercise, now you may be saying 'I don't have the energy to do this anger management activity'. Well, when somebody has trouble with anger management it could be because they have too much energy on their hands. No energy, no anger, it could be that simple. The real reason for exercise though is because exercise allows the body to release endorphins, the body's natural pain killers and if you didn't know, a person can have anger management issues so bad that it can cause them pain. On top of that exercise can have a remarkable calming effect on a person's mood. Also, with the help of the endorphins released by these activities, a person's negative feelings about a situation may be reduced. No, you don't need to go join a gym or a whole workout program if you don't want to or don't have the money. The most helpful of these activities may be going for a walk around the block or if you prefer jog, run, or sprint at the high school track. This can help by getting some fresh air to the brain so it can cleanse the heart. If you like the gym to get a good workout, do that or maybe you have a favorite sport that you haven't played in a while. Do yourself a favor maybe get away from reality for a bit go 'take a hike', no really, go take a hike :). Find a place where you can enjoy God's creation for a while, nature walk, or zoo (no, not your bedroom). All of these provide an avenue to clear one's thoughts, to maximize the potential for managing anger by releasing tension. The above mentioned anger management activities mostly involve going outside the four walls of the a person's house preferably through a door :). These outdoor activities create an environment of peacefulness and ultimately, revolutionize the way a person manages anger.

Anger management activities involving groups

If you prefer not to go outside or have some type of phobia preventing you from going outside. Then you might consider some anger management activities like finding a support group, camp, or retreat. You can find such groups by attending church or contacting your local hospital and speaking with a social services worker. Getting involved with Anger management activities of this type can help them by helping to develop good social skills and learning to talk about things that frustrate or stress them out. Sometimes everyday stress issues can pile up until boom, we explode, and sadly it is mostly on the people we love the most. Attending anger management activities is also great because it helps to stabilize one's schedule. This is because everyday life can produce chaos and sometimes we all need to get away. For example the whole day could be crashing in on you, but it is ok because you know at 6:00pm chaos will come to an end for at least an hour because you will get to talk about your frustrations. One quick note if you are married it is very important to let your spouse be your support group first and foremost. If they are the cause of your anger management issues then go together. After all you go married because you loved each other, till death do us part, remember. I know, that's annoying, but hey you said 'I do'. Now you have to learn to live and die with that person. The best part about support groups is you will notice that having to deal anger management is not a situation exclusive to your life. Opening up to people with similar struggles could be the answer for anger management in their own lives. Being able to battle in the trenches of stress and frustrations of life together can provide that glimmer of hope through the sharing of powerful life changing testimonies. These are all encouraging characteristics of attending anger management activities of this kind because people are almost sucked in by each individuals different but similar frustrations.

Anger management activities for children

Anger management activities for children are very important. The anger of a child can be something very frustrating for parents but even more for a child because most of the time they have trouble explaining their frustrations. This in itself can cause even more frustration which is even more unexplainable. Children won't often do well in group settings because of all the strangers present. This is because of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. They have to get past the safety and security first. One on one therapy can be a little tricky because they can become bored to death. With children it all about stimulation, which is funny because it is the opposite with adults (reduce stimuli). The best way to discover ways to cope with anger management in a child is to find out what interest them. Get a hold of activities or games that are fascinating but at the same time challenging these can produce open roads of communication because the child feels safety and security. Crafting anger management activities would not only be enjoyable and beneficial, it would be more helpful than forcing a child to sit down and listen to a lecture, they'll get enough lectures in school and some pretty drab ones too. Let us not forget worksheets, coloring pages, individual games as well as interactive computer games. Be sure to allow for breaks even though it may seem like they are having fun, unless of course they want to continue. These would be received much better by children than a trip to the shrink. Keep in mind that children can overload on information so be careful not be overbearing because this can lock them up inside themselves like Fort Knox and you won't even be able to get in a 'Trojan Horse'. It is all about approach when dealing with children so when considering anger management activities for kids be aware that they are only kids so that you will be able to help them with their anger management accordingly.

In Concluding anger management activities

We have covered a few different activities here, so keep in mind that a person must choose activities that they are able to pay attention to, and that they find pleasurable. If you don't then most likely you will not be effective at anger management. If all else fails remember to hit the 'Fail Safe' button. What is that you ask? When something is stressing you out, close your eyes, count to 5, think before you act, and work out your difference. If nothing else agree to disagree and move on. It is not a good idea to place someone in a strange setting because obviously this can create more frustration. 'If they ask for a cookie don't give them a rock.' The purpose of these activities is to find an activity that works, stick to it, reevaluate the situation, implement a new plan if necessary, and keep focus on the issues and you will be successful at helping manage or managing your own anger.

Anger Management Activities for teens and kids

Anger Management activities for kids

Curbing your interest a different look at anger management activities

A few words of advice about the world we live in today, it stinks. What do I mean by that? Well, crime, BP oil crisis, President Obama(insert your President here), or the market. See, I just had to add Obama to the dictionary so it wouldn't spell check it. Ugh, it's the little things that tick me off ;) No really though, if we let these issues of life effect us to much they grab hold of our patience and tend to make us angry. One tip I use to help me keep a cool head is to hear a world issue, form an opinion, but here is the kicker. Do not attach an emotion to your opinion. It is OK to have certain beliefs and convictions. I do not want President Obama as the President. I leave it at that and I do not attach emotion to the opinion. I respect him as the leader of our great Nation. You see it is when we attach the emotion that anger can slip into the equation. Oh I can't believe this, BP oil in the gulf, President BLAH BLAH BLAH, and so on. When I hear about world issues, it becomes water off a ducks back. I couldn't care less that the news companies are there covering every aspect. People are glued to the TV and they sick back and curse. Call indifference call it whatever you want. The point is I know if we can eliminate some things in our lives that try to grab our attention and consume our thoughts we could spend more time with the family, put the remote down a talk. The best anger management activity you could ever grab a hold of, is learning to communicate your anger and frustrations. Of course its easier said than done, it will take discipline. Whatever you do don't believe everything the news tells you after all its their job to spice everything up. So curb your interest for better anger management in your life.

Anger management activities should be an everyday thing

I was standing in the Wal-Mart line today and it occurred to me that I was getting super angry. Not because I was standing in line, but because it was the end of a very long day. All I wanted to do was be home and not have to stand in line and wait for people to use self check out that don't have a clue how to use it. So I just smiled and realized I couldn't do a thing about it. So I played one of my favorite anger management activities. I just stared off into the distance so that the person behind me in line could see and I would smile and wave. I would wait to see if that person would look and if they took the bait, I would keep doing it in different directions. No this may be tormenting for the nosy person behind me but it was an amusing to me and help the time go by extremely fast. I was able to effectively manage my anger so I wouldn't go home to my wife and kids with a bad attitude.

Anger management activities are designed to keep ones thoughts away from the issue that is causing the anger. By redirecting with anger management activities you are able to focus that energy into an activity that is going to help calm an individual. This brings them to an emotional state where it is easier to talk about what is making them angry and begin the healing process

Anger management activities: Keeping an Awareness all day

As I sit here thinking about anger management and the activities you can do one thing occurred to me. You must be thinking about your anger meter all day. The reason is because it can hit over load at any moment. Now I will admit that I have trouble controlling my anger once it has hit the breaking point. I have learned that the most important thing you can do is to be mindful throughout the day that your buttons are going to be pushed. The reason for this is because we has humans are selfish by nature. Most of the time we are thinking of only ourselves. This is common with people who have anger management issues. Of course not everyone is selfish minded, but if you struggle with anger management you probably do. Because remember being so angry that you cause someone else pain says 'You owe me because you hurt me, or I didn't like what you did because I'm placing myself above reproach!' Don't we do that sometimes when we are angry? We are saying ultimately that we have never wrong anybody or caused someone else to be angry. We can manage our anger greatly, before it even starts by starting the day with the mind set 'I am going to be offended today by someone.' But not in a sick and demented way, like you are now looking and reading into everything someone does or says in order to find an offense. But just keep it on the back burner so you are ready to handle your anger. Remember, anger is a natural emotion and it is OK to feel it every once in a while or everyday :). It is the action we take because of the emotion of anger, that gets us into trouble or causes hurt to a loved one. The need for anger management activities may never be needed if we can learn to nip it in the bud, before it grows into rage and causes harm to us and those around us.


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    • Saswati CM profile image

      Saswati Chakraborty Misra 

      4 years ago from Bangalore

      Your information is quite interesting. If you get time, kindly visit my information on the akmost same topic!

    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 

      5 years ago from South Florida

      This hub was so insightful and helpful for me! Thank you for sharing such fantastic information! I'm trying to learn how to handle my anger better instead of let it build up inside me, these ideas will help for sure!

    • Nicola Tweedie profile image

      Nicola Tweedie 

      6 years ago from East Sussex, United Kingdom

      Honest and helpful, I wish you well. It seems you are working hard to be a good partner and is all any of us can do.

    • profile image

      kayla palmer 

      6 years ago

      why do people get angry and why do they take it out on the walls

    • i.hadzi profile image


      8 years ago

      For anyone who has an organisation to run, anger outbursts issues are a well know fact and a problem one has to get a hold of.

      I like - I follow


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