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Angular Cheilitis: Treatment & Causes of Blisters, Chapped Lips

Updated on March 16, 2015

Angular Cheilitis is a common condition that can affect people of all demographics. In this condition the lips become chapped, inflamed and irritated. This usually manifests in (or is more prominent in) the corners of the mouth or lips.

The inflammatory lesions that are formed are often bilateral and this condition manifests itself as deep cracks or splits. This may become particularly painful when opening the mouth as the cracks can likely split causing further pain and bleeding, not to mention ugliness. There may also be formation of shallow ulcers or crusts.

What causes Angular Cheilitis?

Herpes virus is the sole Angular Cheilitis cause that results in bump on the mouth or a blister or a small blemish that may not be seen until you move too close to the person having it. These can prove to very embarrassing for the person who is suffering from them.

There are certain natural, holistic treatments that can help you cure Angular Cheilitis safely, naturally and permanently in the privacy of your own home. Basically, these holistic methods provide you the means to rid your body of the causes of these infections.

Many of us don’t consult a doctor in such a case thinking it to be a small problem and would subside over a period of time. However, it is not so in case the blemish is actually Angular Cheilitis, which needs immediate attention. Not only that, many of these blisters are very painful too.

Angular Cheilitis Causes

Known as Perleche, Angular Cheilitis is basically a kind of inflammation that occurs in the patient’s mouth. Very similar to chapped lips, this ailment is a result of malnutrition, fungal or bacterial infection. Other Angular Cheilitis causes include yeast infection by candida albicans.

Loss of zinc, iron and riboflavin in the body may also result in the infection. There are certain basic foods that are if not taken in adequate amount, may lead to malnutrition. Loss of such nutritional items in your food may at times lead to dire consequences like that of a celiac disease. It is a condition wherein the intestine is not able to take nutrition for the body because of the damage done to the autoimmune system.

How to get rid of Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis remedy can be effective only if its root cause is detected properly. For example, if the patient is suffering from bacterial infection, Angular Cheilitis treatment is different while remedy for fungal infection is different.

1. For fungal infection patients (Candidiasis):

It is imperative to get rid of vulnerability of the body to Candida Albican, the fungus that causes the infection. It can be done with the aid of antibiotics. Also, one can take diets free of yeasts and food that contains too much of sugar.

2. For bacterial infection:

Neosprin or rubbing alcohol on the affected area helps in reducing bacteria. This should take almost a couple of days.

3. Malnutrition or loss of food absorption:

Mostly doctors prescribe vitamins in this case. B12 shots are a great relief and should be taken regularly. Transformation in eati8ng habits also greatly help in getting rid of the ailment.

Few patients are fortunate to get the problem rarely while others are not so lucky as their problem is sort of regular. 1% hydro cortisone topical cream is one treatment doctors prescribe. However, studies have proved it to be ineffective when it comes to the pain patient is going through.

One of the greatest Angular Cheilitis home remedies is application of tea tree oil. Also, people use Aloe Vera and petroleum jelly for its treatment which is quiet effective.

More often then not, these home remedies will only help you in the longer run. Home remedies don’t have any side effect, still if you feel doubtful you can discuss them with your doctor. Whatever method you try you will not be able to eliminate it if the cause is an yeast infection without treating the root causing factors.You need to eliminate the underlying factor whatever it is. There can be several reasons for yeast overgrowth including stress and hormone imbalance. Try to lead a balanced life and eat lots of organic food and always include lots and lots of greens. Leading a better lifestyle will not only help your Angular Cheilitis and Candida but also make you healthier and happier in more ways.

Here is a guide book that claims to be able to help the victims of this condition. IMO definitely worth a try.

In the words of the author: "This book contains complete detailed information on the subject and home remedies along with other possible treatment options."

If you suffer from this very painful and embarrassing conition of Angular Cheilitis, take matters into your own hand and find a permanent solution to it.


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