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Night Terrors: Dangerous Dreams

Updated on August 1, 2017

On this particular night I went to bed really late. In fact, it was more like early morning, as it was well after midnight:

After lounging on the couch and watching television, while listening to You Tube, I decided that I should get some sleep. I didn't feel particularly tired, but I knew that if I went to bed, eventually, I would fall asleep. Most nights I can get to sleep fairly quickly, and this night was no exception.

Soon after crawling into bed, I was fast asleep, but...almost immediately...I was thrust into a realm of horrific terror. I "awoke" to see patterns all around me. I could not make out what the patterns were, but I sensed they were evil entities. It seemed that they were laughing at how, while I was in deep sleep, they had moved, stealthily, into my bed, and were now laying all around me. My heart began to race! A perception of doom, and death emanated from the patterns, as they seemed to be laying in wait to strike me at any second.

Screaming, I jumped out of bed, and began to run!

A few moments later, I woke up on the kitchen floor, bloody. Both of my knees were injured, the left one severely. One of my fingers was nearly broken, and another had about a one inch gash. There were also abrasions on my foot, as I could see the blood oozing through my sock. I felt totally depleted and exhausted, as I slowly regained consciousness, still believing that I had been accosted by something...something I could not describe in non-abstract terms.

Lying in the prone position, and breathing as if I had just run a 100 yard dash, I had almost made it to the front door. Now I could feel the excruciating pain. At that moment I couldn't tell just how severe my injuries were, so I remained there, still, for a moment.

I knew I would eventually have to get up and get some help, so I slowly managed to stand on my bruised knees, which was extremely painful. But it was even worse to walk.

I noticed that the coffee table had been turned over, the computer was on the floor, and the blinds had been ripped to pieces. There was a long streak of blood on the floor, leading right up to where I regained consciousness. I had, evidently, been in a life or death struggle, but a struggle with whom or what? I don't know, because I was asleep the whole time.

What do you think causes Night Terrors?

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    • getitrite profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago


      Thanks for your advice. Yes I understand that I shouldn't sleep with the TV on. And I no longer do it. But I still experience mild forms of sleep paralysis and terrors. Even though I sleep in a quiet dark room, there is still a chance of having these episode. One just has to learn to control them, mainly by remaining calm, and having the consciousness to know that you CAN control the events. I think I have now done that.

      I will check out the link. Thanks

    • mintinfo profile image


      5 years ago

      It sounds like you are suffering from extreme WNR (white noise radiation). Sleeping is a time when the mind needs rest, not just the body. By keeping TV and YouTube on you are not letting your mind rest.

      Have you ever fallen asleep while watching TV and started dreaming but what you were dreaming about was a fabprcation of what your mind was picking up from the TV? The sound was the narrative of your dream but the visions that you saw were of things that were familiar to you.

      Science has made the mistake of saying that the mind never sleeps. When we sleep the subconscious mind takes over is what they say. The truth is that the subconscious mind does not exist. Instead what there is is a conscious and an unconscious mind. We have temporary memory and permanent memory, abstract and tangeable memory.

      During the day when we are conscious our minds collect info and feeds it into storage cells in the brain (temp memory). At night, during rest the info is properly processed and a process begins to convert the memory into permanent bits of info. If the mind never rests then the process will become dysfunftional and you will experience distress.

      You need to learn how to regain control of your mind. First you have to eliminate external stimulants at night when you are trying to sleep. Then learn some mind exercises that will help you regain control. Before you go to sleep you can do a simple meditation such as just counting from zero to ten and from ten to zero over and over until you begin to tire. At first it will be difficult because your mind will wonder onto numerous things but the key if to not lose concentration.

      Good luck with your sleep problems but if you need help you can check out the Dohgons, the masters of mind and brain functions at

    • getitrite profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago


      I left religion long ago. But I am aware of the studies that have been done on the subject, regarding the physical and psychological possibilities. I have been evaluated for sleep apnea, and other possible causes, but these studies take time, and, still, they are not conclusive. Brain scans have also returned inconclusive results. But, as to the remedy...I think I figured that one out myself. I know I can't stop the dreams, but I have learned how to keep calm...and remain unrattled, even during the most frightening episodes.

    • coleikerd profile image

      Cole Ikerd 

      5 years ago

      I don't know if this is a problem for you, but this article made me think of it. Probably due to personal experience.

      A lot of intense nightmares can be caused by inner conflict. Taking part in something you don't believe in can cause internal strife. I don't talk about it much because people don't know how to react, but my nightmares ended when I left religion. I had some similar issues when I was working a sales job that wanted me to rip people off.

      Dreams can be a great moral compass to remind us how close our current actions are to our internal values.

      Whether this applies to you, of course, only you can know.

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Ok so I found a link that describes in a more scientific way, what I was trying to explain in my non scholarly way. Here is the link if it is of interest to you. The bit you might want to skip to is Rem sleep

      If that does not sit well with you. You probably already know or have an inkling as to what it is.

      Happy dreaming

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Embracing is good. Yes, most things affect dreamscape. Our consciousness decodes a lot more than we are usually aware of. Diet changes with lots of water can do marvellous things. Just need to experiment with the food.

    • getitrite profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thank you for your concern, Penny. I've never heard of that theory before. Fascinating! I'll look into it. I was also reading that things like stress, depression, and PTSD can trigger night terrors. Until I find a treatment for these night terrors, I guess I'll just have to embrace them, and learn to live with them.

    • pennyofheaven profile image


      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Wow! Firstly, how do you watch TV and listen to you tube at the same time? Do you mean watch the pictures on the TV and listen to music on you tube?

      It is said that when we sleep our waking consciousness shuts down. What it is really doing however is adjusting it's frequency to allow the body to rest. The deeper the sleep the better it is for the body. Most receptors (I don't know if they are actually called receptors but I hope you get what I mean) in the body adjust too. Sometimes you can feel these receptors adjusting back upon waking. It feels like fine little prickles. When waking up, if your consciousness adjusts too quickly (before the receptors) the prickling sensation can be quite intense and scary..depends... but it is perfectly safe. It does it all the time, we are just usually not aware of it because the consciousness and the receptors are usually in sync. it appears (this is the first thing that came to mind when reading your hub although there are other possibilities) when your consciousness shifts your receptors are not doing it in sync (if at all). For explanation sake... when you are in dream state it is like having a a separate dream body vibrating at a different rate and usually it is in sync with the vibratory rate of the consciousness. Anything in the dream is occurring at that vibratory rate and does not usually affect our waking body or waking consciousness. There are exceptions that I won't go into because they may not be relevant in this instance.

      My main point is that it appears when you are sleeping your vibratory rates are out of sync for one reason or another. Perhaps there are many reasons.

      It might be useful then to learn to be aware of the subtle shifts of vibration of your body that occur in your waking state and then perhaps learn how to shift your bodys rate to deeper levels. Each time it shifts, it will get better and better at shifting.

      If that is not for you there are many more practical things you can do to help the body to do what is supposed to do when you are sleeping.

      If physical harm is as a result of dreaming it will pay to explore your options to prevent your waking body from further damage.

      In dream-scape our bodys can do lots of things that our waking body cannot do. can..depending... but I won't go there either...

      But, if your sleeping consciousness is not aware that your waking body is still vibrating at waking state level there could be damage done.

      You may take or leave what I have to say. I realize this may not fit with you and that's ok. Only you know what will fit.

      If you have any questions feel free to email me if you like.


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