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How to get rid of a runny nose?

Updated on April 11, 2014

As the term suggests, the situation of ‘Runny Nose’ actually makes the one bearing it feel as if the nose is just running away from its position. The irritation, the nauseatic feel of the runny nose is a phenomenon suffered by almost all human beings on earth due to some reason or the other. It is mainly due to infections and allergies due to pollution, sudden weather change and especially during winter.


Steam- Inhalation of steam before sleep is one of the most effective means to cure runny nose. The mucus which is accumulated in the nose line is cleared when inhaled from a tumbler having boiling water. Electric Steam is also follows the same procedure where the water is added in the flask and heated according to the temperature well suited to the face and inhaling.

Nasal Irrigation- A remedy quite often used by people in general, in nasal irrigation, a spoonful salt is added in lukewarm water. The solution is dropped in each nostril and is slowly taken in to irrigate the passage of the nose. This remedy if done on a regular basis, can cure it within few days.

Drink Water- Consumption of ample water is considered essential since the beginning of mankind. Drinking loads of water has always been a solution to almost all the minor diseases in the world. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking plenty of water makes the immune system strong and nourishes the body by clearing away unwanted particulates from the body.

Herbal Tea- Herbal Tea with ginger smashed and added to the boiling tea is the best medicine for running nose and even cold. After the boiling tea is kept to cool down, this tea should be consumed twice. As it will make your body even warmer due to the intake of herbal and ginger, your nose might run even more but will soon be cured.

Turmeric Milk- One of the healthiest remedy, turmeric milk cures cold, cough, fever, runny nose, and many other health problems. In hot milk, half a spoon of turmeric is added to it with a little sugar for taste. This milk when consumed, heals the body more than anything else.

Exercising- A regular exercise leads to the proper compression of the vessels. The blood vessels flow well and there is a warmth in the body which tends to drain away the mucus accumulated in the nasal passage.

Lime Water- The consumption of lime water clears away all the unwanted blockages in the body. One or two pieces of lime are squeezed in warm water and consumed. This intake on a regular basis clears the blocked passages of the nose within few days.

Sprays and Vaporizers- For a short-term usage, nasal sprays and vaporizers proves to be effective and relaxing for the one suffering from runny nose or cold. The menthol in the vaporizers clears the path of breathing, this providing a soothing impact on the nose. The same happens in the inhalation of nasal sprays. However, these usage of nasal sprays and vaporizers have a temporary impact on the nose.

Which tip among the ones mentioned here seems to work for you?

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Temporary Remedies

  • In order to get a relaxing feeling, a warm soaked towel can be placed on the face which provides warmth in the nasal passage and reduces the impact of a runny nose.
  • Blowing the nose is another remedy to get instant relaxation, but if the blowing is done too much, it might lead to rashes or burning on the nose. It is advisable to carry a handkerchief or tissue and blow the nose blocking one nostril and vice versa whenever necessary.
  • In a situation of a runny nose, all that a body needs is warmth and thus, a warm shower tends to have a solution to the runny nose as the steam which is inhaled helps to make the mucus in the nose thinner and thus clears it off to reduce the impact.

Doctors Recommendation to stop Runny Nose


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    • drdspervez profile image


      4 years ago from Pakistan

      Dear idevices your hub is nice and informative.


    • SANJAY LAKHANPAL profile image

      Sanjay Sharma 

      4 years ago from Mandi (HP) India

      Thanks for the tips.


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