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What is anthropometric scale

Updated on May 22, 2013

An anthropometric scale is a device that in addition to measure weight also measures the height. These scales are equipped with an anthropometric ruler that measures the height of people quickly and easily. The big advantage is that they allow the measurement of two parameters (weight and height) with the same device, so you can save space.

There are several types of scales, including in anthropometric mechanical scales and anthropometric digital scales.

The mechanics have the advantage of being much cheaper and do not require any power source. Moreover, and because they have a measurement system antiquated they lead to a larger margin of error. The value of measurements in this type of balance is also directly affected by the mode of operation and by the operator, and thus, different operators can obtain different values of measurement.

The digital scales are more expensive, but they lead to more accurate results. The weight is shown on the digital display and therefore the measures are not affected by the operator. Anthropometric digital scales require a power source, however, there are models with a battery which allows its use in the field, or other places where there is no energy.

In both cases, the prices vary depending on certain factors such as the quality of materials, the degree of accuracy, weighing capacity, the ability to measure the height, among others.
The digital anthropometric scale is ideal for places where you need to make a collection of quick and accurate data, such as hospitals, gyms, doctors' offices, clinics on nutrition, etc..

Moreover, these scales also have a printer and outputs for connecting to the computer, which allows you to collect data and save them directly to a file for monitoring changes in patient data.

At the time of purchase of an anthropometric scale is important to be aware of your needs in order to choose the model that will suit you best. Different models have different measurement capabilities and so if you need, for example, measurements up to 200 kg or more you should not buy a model where the limit is 150 kg. On the other hand, if a limit of 150 kg fits your needs you excuse to spend more money on an upper limit model.

anthropometric scale
anthropometric scale


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