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Anti-Aging Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Updated on May 29, 2013

Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

The simple fact is that we get older every second, those seconds turn into minutes; those minutes into hours; those hours into days; those days into weeks and so on. Before we know it the aging process has begun to take effect on our bodies. A little grey hair, a few wrinkles around the eyes and face and all of the healthy glow and color has gone from our skin.

Aging is a simple fact of life but we don't have to look our age especially these days when there is an abundance of products on the market which help reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate your skin and give you that healthy glow and color that you had in your youth.

Walk into any health store and you will find row upon row of vitamins and minerals claiming that they are the secret of anti aging, the fountain of youth and your path to younger looking skin. There are so many products to choose from that you end up leaving the store more confused than you were when you walked in.

All that you really want to know is, do any of these products actually work?

Vitamins and Minerals for Anti Aging

Youthful healthy skin can be achieved with the correct combination of vitamins and minerals.
Youthful healthy skin can be achieved with the correct combination of vitamins and minerals. | Source

Vitamins For Anti Aging

When choosing a supplement to aid you in the war against aging, you should always check the ingredients to see what exactly is in the product.

There are five vitamins which can help to slow down the aging process and keep you looking younger for longer, a combination of some or all of these vitamins is essential to younger healthier skin.

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B-3 or Niacin
  • Vitamin A

Not only do these vitamins help you to rejuvenate your skin but they also have the added bonus of being good for your health in many different ways.

Please consult with your doctor before taking supplements if you are pregnant, breast feeding, if you suffer from allergies or if you are on medication.

Vitamins And Their Benefits For Anti Aging

Vitamin E
Prevents and repairs dry or cracked skin.
Vitamin C
Protects against UV rays.
Vitamin K
Breaks up shadowing around the eyes.
Vitamin B-3 (Niacin)
Helps to moisturise skin.
Vitamin A
Anti oxident that reduces the effects of oxidation on the skin.

Minerals for Anti Aging

Water is also said to be good for the complexion.
Water is also said to be good for the complexion. | Source

Minerals for Anti Aging

As with vitamins when choosing a supplement to help you in the battle against aging, you should always check the ingredients on the product, there are many minerals to be found that have different uses in skin care and can help to slow down the aging process, rejuvenate skin and bring back the color.

There are five minerals that stand out from the rest in offering healty and younger looking skin.

  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Copper

Like Vitamins, Minerals are not only good for the skin they are also good for your general health in many different ways.

Remember to consult your doctor before using supplements if you are pregnant or breast feeding, on medication that may interact with the supplement or if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

Minerals and Their Benefits to Anti Aging

Anti Oxidant that repairs skin from oxidation of the skin.
Promotes cell growth and repairs damaged skin.
Nourishes the skin, hair and nails.
Calcium promotes the production of skin cells and acts as an anti oxidant.
Promotes collogen production giving strength and elasticity to skin.

Anti Aging Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin and Mineral supplements for anti aging can be found in most health stores and they can be of benefit not only in skin care but to your general health if used as part of a balanced diet.

These vitamins and minerals can also be found in the food and drink that we consume everyday such as fish-oils, fruit vegetables and meats, with a daily exercise and a healthy diet that includes vitamins and minerals there would be no need to purchase the supplements.


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    • Lightshare profile image

      Lightshare 5 years ago

      Wonderful facts jiimmy! How long they could extend youth??!! -)

    • profile image

      KDuBarry03 5 years ago

      Very useful and informative, Jimmy. I know a few friends who are interested in keeping their skin healthy and young; I'll be passing this on to them!