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Anti Gravity Yoga, Aerial Yoga Fitness, Antigravity Yoga Swings / Hammock Frames For Home Use

Updated on April 12, 2014

Antigravity Yoga Swings

Antigravity yoga is a new fitness trend sweeping across the globe. Home use aniti gravity frames have become a world wide best seller as millions partake in a spiritual type of keeping fit.

The combination of aerial yoga, pilate's, and acrobatics is a super fun and alternative approach to fitness training. The anti gravity yoga swing, or hammock, is a simple piece of material suspended from a ceiling or framework

The anti gravity swing rests approximately between 24 and 30 inches from the floor.

Aerial yoga is a much harder workout than normal yoga, and is designed to allow freedom of release. Many people whom have tried this new exercise technique have described it as more fun yet intense and muscle hurting than any other type of fitness program.

The goal of anti gravity yoga is to decompress the body and allow a person to put more trust into life.

Anti Gravity Yoga Frame

Upside Down Meditation

The use of antigravity swings allows a 3D style of yoga, and numerous new activities and ways to meditate whilst swinging through the air.

This opens up massive amounts of potential for a keep fit regime for the whole family. Medical benefits from early observations have recorded a better muscle tone, a more peaceful inner self, better self awareness, and lots of fun.

Meditating whilst in a completely inverted position may not be every ones idea of fun, but with so many manoeuvres possible, there is something for everyone.

Please click on the smaller images for all details, discounts, and selection available.

Part of the introduction course is to get to know your anti-gravity hammock and to trust that it can take your weight. This permits a weightless feel to your body and allows a freer mind as the body swings in all directions and at before unimaginable angles.

The anti gravity frame / stand is a manoeuvrable item which can be transferred easily from room to room.

Home use antigravity yoga swings allow a more personal introduction into the world of weightless yoga.

Anti Gravity Yoga Video

Anti Gravity Yoga has recently been named one of the top ten fitness trends in the world. Millions are now using this new craze at home and centres across the globe.

Aerial yoga is the latest in fitness and will entice the younger people to attend gyms and classes. Excellent for dancers and meditating, gravity yoga is the new in thing which appears to be the next big thing.

Anti Gravity At Home

Anti Gravity hammock are available to purchase for home use. Different models can either be easily attached to the ceiling and then used for aerial yoga or simply to cocoon themselves in whilst watching the television.

Other types can be inserted within a door frame and taken down when not in use.

Either will benefit a person wishing to try or get into this fitness craze. All are fully guaranteed and refundable if the person does not like hanging upside down whilst meditating.

Not just for the girls. Men are also using the anigravity hammocks to add muscular definition to their bodies.

The use of anti gravity swings or hammocks is virtually limitless. Except for what they are designed to do, the hammocks provide an endless source of entertainment.

Parties will never be the same again, friends would be queuing at the door to hang upside down like a bat. Whilst children would find it hours of fun whilst also getting a bit fitter.

Door frame anti-gravity swings are excellent for busy people with no spare room to place a stand.

Simple to install, safe, and with all the fun and fitness of the normal anti gravity stands. Also referred to as inversion swings.

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    • profile image

      slavka 5 years ago

      I'm sorry to bother you on this, I would like to ask you if you could help me? I need to somehow get some exercise sheets for Antigravity. And also I would like to know the price if you know help.

    • debbie roberts profile image

      Debbie Roberts 6 years ago from Greece

      I saw this type of yoga on a television programme not so long ago and thought I was intrigued. Looks really fun too. I'll have to ask around see if it's reached here yet..Interesting hub.

    • Ardie profile image

      Sondra 6 years ago from Neverland

      Wow! This looks like such a fun way to exercise. I heard somewhere before that upside down stretches and positions energize the body by aiding with blood circulation - so the swings make sense for yoga. I have to find a class like this close to me. Excellent information :)