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Anti-aging, The Au Naturel Way

Updated on September 23, 2013

So you’re turning thirty in a few weeks, and you have a handful of milestones to celebrate: a well-deserved promotion after years of solidly working your butt off, a snazzy-looking ring on the finger from the hubby-to-be, the move from a cramped apartment in the metro to a gorgeous house away from the city, your very first wrinkle peek-a-booing every time you smile—wait, what?

Every woman reacts differently to the discovery of crow feet or smile lines—which generally occur in the late twenties or early thirties—but they all have one thing in common: wrinkles are always met with a state of worry, with a bit of panic thrown in for good measure. Sadly, time machines only exist in science fiction, and the fountain of youth is nothing but a myth. Is there no way for us to reverse, or at the very least, slow down the inevitable process of skin aging?

Ten Natural Ways To Look Younger

While technological advancements have made it possible for health professionals to find anti-aging solutions, not every woman feels comfortable being subjected to Botox treatments or cosmetic surgery. If you’re one of those women who prefer a natural skin care regimen, then the following list might be of help in your quest to naturally look and feel younger.


1. Know what causes skin aging

Sun damage from frequent, unprotected sun exposure tops the list, followed by lifestyle-related factors such as excessive smoking, inadequate amounts of sleep, and lack of skin moisture.

2. Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend

Ultraviolet light from the sun is your skin’s biggest enemy. Invest in a good sunscreen and use it daily. Remember, while the skin as an organ is capable of repairing itself, nothing can entirely undo sun damage.


3. Drink an adequate amount of water daily

Eight to ten glasses a day is recommended.

4. Quit smoking

Aside from the fact that it’s a smelly, disgusting habit, smoking creates irreversible damage to your skin and other significant body organs.

6. Read up on retinoid

Retinoid, a compound derived from Vitamin A, is known to slow down skin aging. If you aren’t using one yet, consult your dermatologist.


5. Limit your alcohol intake

Want to wind down after a week of hard work? Instead of heading out to the bar to get plastered over vodka or whiskey, go soak yourself in a tub with a glass of red or white wine. It’s a lot gentler to your complexion, not to mention your liver, and you don’t have to come crawling home in a heap of drunken shame.

7. Cut down on caffeine.

Did you know that your favorite pick-me-up drink in the morning contributes to skin dehydration? Skip the coffee and munch on apples instead.

8. Get enough sleep

Six to eight hours is ideal.


9. Meditate

Stress causes skin aging, too. Learn how to breathe your way out of stressful situations and imbibe a steady flow of positivity in your life through frequent meditation.

10. Moisturize

No matter what your skin type is, make it a habit to slather on moisturizer after your morning shower or before heading to bed. Moisturizers keep the skin soft and supple, and delay the effects of aging.


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