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Antioxidant by excellence

Updated on January 17, 2012

The Queen of nuts

The Queen of nuts as it is called "undergrown" can be consumed regularly , the macadamia nut has a good supply of potassium , which provides several vital actions in the body:

  1. It helps keep the acid-base balance .
  2. It contributes to the proper transmission of nerve impulses .
  3. It is essential for muscle contraction, including that of the heart .
  4. It contributes to the great functioning of the kidneys .
  5. It participates in many enzymatic functions.
  6. It is also an excellent source of magnesium, essential mineral itself also involved in 300 metabolic reactions of the body .
  7. It is essential for muscle relaxation, which is vital for heart function.
  8. It is essential to keep an effective heart rhythm .
  9. It contributes to lipid metabolism .
  10. It regulates sugar levels in the blood.
  11. It helps you to lower blood pressure .
  12. It allows a proper functioning of muscle and nerve cells in particular.
  13. It participates in kidney function .
  14. It also contain zinc, which plays a role in growth, reproductive and neurological functions and also helps the immune system.

Nutritional quality of macadamia nuts

Nutritional quality of macadamia nuts

For a portion of macadamia nuts, 30 g are:

  1. Calories 200 .
  2. 18 g monounsaturated fat .
  3. Magnesium 36 g (12% of RDA)
  4. Vitamin E 0.5 mg (5% of RDA)
  5. Fiber 2 g (10% of the recommended optimum)

A little bit of history

The nut which is also sometimes under its original name, Queensland nut, was discovered five thousand years ago by the aborigines. It has been a rediscovery in 1858 by two British botanists who call it Macadamia, in tribute to Dr. John Macadam, a chemist and physician Australian. At the end of the 19th century, some of Queensland nuts were imported to Hawaii in order to cultivate ans sell them .

The Macadamia has now grown in Australia and New Zealand but also in South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil and California (including San Francisco). There is an small production in Spain and North Africa.

Australia is still the leader with 45% of world production. Australia exported 10 000 tons in 27 countries.

The macadamia nut shell is recognizable by its round and smooth, thick and very hard, of a mottled brown. It contains a white kernel. The whole is covered with a thin green envelope will crack as soon as the fruit matures.

A fragile fruit

It is necessary to take some precautions to keep the best nuts. It is therefore advisable to keep shelled nuts in the refrigerator to prevent them from becoming rancid too quickly.

In the shell, macadamia nuts can be stored one year at room temperature.


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