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Antisocial Personality Disorder Is a Disease for Society Instead of a Single Individual.

Updated on January 9, 2019
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I am samia...I did my Masters from the University of Punjab in social sciences. I want to write what human is.


This article provokes the society, the governments, the parents, and teachers to save the next generation a hidden enemy who seized the human body that no one knows what happened to the poor person especially a child who has an antisocial personality disorder. This disease not only destroys an individual person but also ruins the surroundings of that person. The next generation and society can be saved from destruction by producing healthy and educated mothers for the next generation.


What is personality?

Often a question comes across to our mind,” who we are?” and the counter question,” what is personality?” this question upsets the mind. Lots of researches have been made the very significant point is that personality is single unit or entity which follows a beautiful pattern of traits,i.e.

1) The organisation of body organs

2) Faculties

3) Tendencies

4)Worldly need

A sane minded person ’s body organs are in organised form when they are moved they follow the specific pattern of movements. When the organisation is disturbed personality disorder is diagnosed so personality is the organisation of body organs.

Likewise, human Faculties should be balanced for the sake of a balanced personality is a complex social activity.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary,

the tendency is,” a likelihood to happen or to have particular characteristic or effect”

An apt characterization of personality is to have a tendency to do a particular thing that follows it towards balance personality.

Now the worldly needs are also involved as characteristics of personality as a balanced personality fulfil the worldly needs, food, dress, cure, dwelling, etc.

Balance personality goes deep in the needs. Clash or conflict between these aspects is not allowed. If an imbalance has prevailed for some reasons personality disorder is formed.

The current editions of the classificatory systems—the International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision (ICD-10; World Health Organization [WHO], 1992) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM-IV; American Psychiatric Association [APA], 1994)—include antisocial personality disorder as a mental disease,

--- ICD-10 describes it as a dissocial personality disorder (WHO, 1992).


What is the relationship between society and personality?

A human being is an entity... means to say that lots of aspects are involved to make a personality like the intellectual, transcendental, biological, social, cultural, psychological, physical, and spiritual.

All these aspects involved in connection with the development, nourishment and perfection of a personality. As a man, social animal and society mean the relationship of social being, “men” society not only fulfilled the need of personality but also influence the personality it moulds attitudes, feelings, moral, beliefs and ideal. Socialization is a process by which men acquire social qualities their nature and necessities make him social.


What is antisocial personality disorder?

The relationship between personality and society is that of a cell and body people who indulge in personality disorder express odd types of behaviour and emotions. There are lots of causes involve in personality disorder and in terms of psychology there are also lots of types of personality disorder.

The most important type that impacts the surroundings and relationships the most, is antisocial personality disorders.

What is an antisocial personality disorder?

The people with antisocial personality disorder sometimes sociopath have no regard for the rights and feelings of others they can be criminal if deal not properly even people with sociopathy feel no guilt or remorse for their antisocial behaviour.


lots of causes involved in antisocial personality disorder as:

some genetic issues may Trigger its development but it is not common form in the development of Anti-Social Behaviour.

1) In some rare cases, the genetic disorder is involved…. where the whole or the lump sum members of society are indulged in sociopathy the causes are different.

2) personality is a complex social activity parental personality disorder increases the likelihood of child mental health parenting is the hardest job to do in the world and required reasonable mental health so that they could help their children to learn self-soothing when they are angry and distressed.

Studies going back almost 50 years back (Wolff 1968- Rutter 1984) found evidence that parents personality disorders the closely attached to children's mental health specially mother when the mother is mentally ill how can she brought up her child with healthy mental condition child with antisocial disorder suffers all the lifelong and unfortunately the child even does not know all his life that he is suffering in a serious mental disease.


some factors may increase the risk of developing the antisocial personality disorder

  1. Physical appearance if not treated well by the parents.

  2. If a child is neglected are mostly abused by repairing and the members of the society.

  3. Unstable family conditions like poverty, separate parents, violent domestic environment, low social status.

  4. Most important is the uneducated family and surrounding society.


How to prevent from antisocial personality disorder?

Prevention and cure:

It is very hard to discuss the preventions and cure of antisocial personality disorder because its roots are gone beyond childhood, parents, teachers, and society, environment. So it is the duty of parents and teachers to identify the early symptoms of antisocial behaviour of the children and to help them through appropriate training moral lessons and behaviour modification may reduce the chances that antisocial child to become an antisocial adult with an antisocial personality disorder and harm the other members of the society but what if both these sections of society are suffering in disorder of the same kind. Now the duty of society arises. If society wants to survive on the earth It has to perform its duty in the right way and at the right time.

The treatment is more problematic (Skodol et al., 1983; Gunderson et al., 1989) and those with antisocial personality disorder have a hostile attributional style, low education and impulsivity that place them at high risk of doing so. Try to treat them is not only a waste of expensive resource but also for the patients because their outcome is often worse than if they had never been treated (McMurran & Theodosi, 2007).

It has to conduct early effective and discipline social classes, and problem-solving skills, parents and teachers training programs, seminars, family therapy and psychotherapy for those members of society who are involved in personality development and perfection of the offsprings. As for as adults who have sociopathy they shouldn't allow nourishing next generation. They are treated by the government as the other patients of cancer and thalassaemia etc.

© 2019 samia naz


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