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Anxienty,stress and cancer

Updated on June 24, 2013

Anxiety can really start to rule your life especially when combined with cancer, it has become my normal night to fall asleep and wake up several hours later and not be able to go back to sleep for at least an hour or more. I know this does not sound too bad how ever you have to realize I wake up stressed out and on edge for seemingly no reason, I am sure that my subconscious is mind is working in overdrive thinking about all the things I am going through.

This waking up routine has only started happening since I started taking the chemo pill so I have to figure it has something to do with it making changes to my body on many levels.

Well just had my newest round of doctor's appointments (November 14th 2012) and I was a little shocked to learn how much my diet can effect my sleeping and even stress to a point.

My naturo pathic doctor informed me I need to eat a full and balanced breakfast so my body helps create the right balance all day long so by the time I go to sleep it can focus on repairing and other normal sleep functions. I was told to avoid anything too high in carbohydrates and high sugar drinks because they spike my blood sugar and mess up my dietary balance.

A good Diet can help

His example of a good breakfast was a couple of eggs,couple links of sausage slice of toast and either orange juice or water, this is balance of carbohydrates,protein and healthy amounts of hydration

The other key point was he suggest not eating at least four hours before going to bed this helps your body to slow down and prepare to have a normal sleep cycle.I thought this might be of some help to other having similar issues.

Lately dealing with stress seems to get harder all the time work sometimes can be too much,I work retail and some people are too much to want to have to deal with. My mind body doctor told me that are minds operate about 95% in subconscious thought and 5% in waking thought,this was a shock so I can be sure the problems I am facing in my life are helping add to my stress even if I am not directly thinking about them.

Relaxing at the ocean front
Relaxing at the ocean front | Source

Finding an outlet for stress to find relief

I have started writing when I can not go back to sleep and it seems to help relax and take my mind out of high gear, I really believe you need to find an outlet to let your mind focus on something else so you can do more enjoyable things like sleep,read ect.

Stress related insomnia has really become a regular part of my life and I can't tell you how many games on Face book I have played trying tor relax or hours of music I have listened to. We really dwell on things more than we realize in our subconscious so I recommend looking at what is creating stress in your life job,money problems,illness ect.

The other idea I can offer is talk to your family, friends,care giver or some one you trust I think this can help relieve the stress in your subconscious and talking about it might relieve some of the pressure your feeling.Honestly I have always been amazed how something as simple as saying something your thinking about spoken out loud can make it become easier to grasp or understand,

It may be the same for something your having emotional difficulty with and can't stop thinking about. I have people in my life I can trust to say anything to and they will keep it to themselves and this is a priceless gift in my fight against pancreatic cancer.

I am finding that trying to set aside at least 20 minutes for me and nothing else is starting to help me cope with all the stress I have in my life.

A great 1 hour way to release stress

Guided meditation

Meditation can help

There are many thoughts on meditation and its definitely worth looking into, I have started using basic forms of meditation and it does seem to help clear my mind and help me find a balance.

I think a lot of people have some weird miss conceptions on what meditation is, I find simply by laying in bed and listening to music I can get results (not to hard) or just closing my eyes and picturing a far away beach or other relaxing landscape. The whole point is to clear your mind and actually relax on many levels, you will know its working I sure your muscles are more tense than you realize and they will seem to loosen up all on their own.

During my visits I learned a simple how ever really powerful way to meditate, I recommend using the video below to help you visualize or at least to get started.

Please understand with any type of meditation you have to open yourself up to the idea that this will work, otherwise you create a mental barrier that won't allow you to get the full benefits.

Here's what you need to do,start by find a word that means calm or relaxing my word is water I love he beach so i visualize a beach with waves crashing,see gulls screeching and the warm sand beneath my feet.

You want to start at your feet visualize what ever brings you calm, breath in and constrict the muscles in the target area,breath out and imagine all the stress is released with that breath. my doctor recommend I start at my feet,legs,lower back,shoulders/neck and then just picture stress in general washing out of your body. Understand I am not a doctor I am just sharing something I already seen results trying. You can use music,images or even a calming video like the one below.

Meditation ideas

Diet may affect stress

I mentioned above how my care team showed me how my diet can affect anxiety and I believe it now, I have started to watch what I eat and I am finding I stay asleep longer already. When you think about our bodies area a machine,so when we do not keep them tuned up and filled with quality fuel they won't run correctly.

The more sugar laden drinks and sweets you have mixed with caffeinated drink's can certainly get you feeling stressed. I found out that well balanced meals and lots of water can help restore your body natural balance and allow you to feel relaxed.

I recommend trying sugar in a more natural form your body can process, apples for example area a great source of natural sugar and you won't crash afterwards.

Natural foods are our best choice to help restore balance to our bodies,raw veggies or some forms of citrus are great antioxidants and anti-cancer agents to boot.The healing power of Organic Honey is one of natures most powerful tools I recommend adding it to your diet.

My research show the deeper the color of the fruit or vegetable the better.

Stress and anxiety can come form many sources and fighting them also can be a multifaceted attempt ,so if one way fails do not get discouraged there are many option's open to you.

I wish you luck!

What do you think?

Does the Cancer or the Meds cause more stress and anxiety?

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    • sdstone1972 profile imageAUTHOR

      Scott Stone 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts,USA

      Thanks AEvans, the more I fight the more I learn about how finite this can get. The stakes are high so I fully intend on re-inventing myself as much as needed to stay in this fight a long time. Thanks for support and comment.

    • AEvans profile image


      6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I am praying for you as you go through this journey. My mom had cancer and its the mix of diet and chemo. You are fighting for your life , each and everyday. So glad you are sharing your progress with all of us and I wish you nothing but happiness and joy through the holidays. Don't worry and I believe you will get through it , you have a great support group. Your family. :)

    • CrisSp profile image


      6 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      I'm glad you find writing to be of benefit for you. It surely is a good outlet when you need one. Spill it out, write it down, express yourself, share your thoughts and ideas. You write, we read and vice versa. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here-great people, great community.

      Welcome to HP!

    • PeggyLynn profile image

      Peggy Lynn 

      6 years ago from USA

      There isn't anything showing up under "Meditation ideas". All I have right now is a smart phone, but I do not think that is the problem. Oh, the video box just popped up! Cool! Hang in there!


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