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Anxiety: Searching For A Support System

Updated on September 10, 2016
A good support system is important when facing anxiety. It is essential that you look to someone you trust and who is respectful. Ultimately, you must learn to depend on yourself.
A good support system is important when facing anxiety. It is essential that you look to someone you trust and who is respectful. Ultimately, you must learn to depend on yourself. | Source

Finding Someone to Trust

It’s extremely important when dealing with anxiety to have a good support system. Unfortunately, finding people who understand what you are going through or that will help you conquer your fears is not always easy. In fact, many people will never comprehend what it is like to feel controlled by overwhelming fear and even if they have experienced anxiety, they may still not be willing to help you in your journey to freedom.

So, where do you look for support? For starters, you should look to your family. Your family, especially if they are close to you, usually tend to try harder to understand what you are going through and are most likely to show their support. After all, you are connected in many ways and most family members don’t want to see you suffer.

While it may seem like a given that family members will jump to the occasion to help you, this is sadly not always the case. Sometimes due to not being in your shoes, even relatives don’t always know how to help. Most of the time, however, at least one family member will be there for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those who you trust.

The next group of people to seek help from are your friends. Now, the best friends to look to for advice and support are usually your closest ones, the ones that have been beside you through thick and thin. This does not mean though that newly made acquaintances are unlikely to help you. Sometimes it is the newest of friends that are the ones that have a fresh look when it comes to your situation and can offer the best advice. Whether you go to a newer or older friend for support, the most important thing is that you feel you can trust this person to respect your issue and be there for you, even if they cannot fully grasp what you are struggling with.

Next, a good therapist is usually an excellent source of guidance. A therapist that is kind, considerate, helpful, and respectful as well as a good listener can help you become both stronger and better at conquering your fears.

Individuals who suffer from the same issues as yourself are also usually good people to confide in. These people are usually both empathetic, understanding, and know how essential it is that people with the same problems stick together. However, as I mentioned before, sometimes even those who have gone through the same plights as you have, will not be able or willing to help you. While this may be hard for us to wrap our minds around, it is sometimes the case.

The number one supporter of getting through your anxiety is yourself. You need to make and keep the promise that you will stay motivated and determined to face your fears in small but progressive steps. Not giving up is the number one rule in overcoming any obstacles that get in the way of your success.

Along with having people that will stand by your side and keep you on track, you will have those who will manage to make you feel worse about your situation. Some people will simply refuse to help you either due to not knowing how or simply not wanting to. Sadly, we cannot expect everyone to understand or be willing to give up their time and energy to help us. We have to remind ourselves that we do not need everyone’s approval, understanding, or even guidance to get through what tortures us most. It is okay to have people help us during rough times, but the bottom line is that in the end, we must learn to depend on ourselves and not others.

Support System Checklist

Before choosing a support system, please look over the following checklist:

1.) The members in your support system are kind and respectful.

2.) Your support system members do not mock you or make you feel alone in your struggles.

3.) You can trust the people you speak to about your problems.

4.) The members of your support system try to help you help yourself.

5.) The members of the system try to guide you in the right direction.

Where To Find Support?

1.) Parents

2.) Grandparents

3.) Godparents

4.) Friends

5.) Therapists

Other Than Yourself, Who Do You Feel Are The Best People To Go To For Support?

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