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Anybody Else Feel Tired of This Corona Virus Era?

Updated on August 4, 2020

The Very Beginning of All of This.

It just feels like its been forever you know…the whole quarantine thing, social distancing and don’t get me started on the whole entire mask thing. Don’t also again get me wrong, we should ensure our safety and the safety of others, thus the need of the above measures. I just cannot believe literally everything we were born doing and has been for probably since the existence of mankind has seize to exist. Remember when we used to give this nice heartwarming hugs, greeting people by hand, enjoying life without having to worry about touching surface that could be carrying the virus. The whole travelling in planes and trains or even the school bus, associating with new people, asking how their morning was or whatever time of day it was…. it’s actually no more.


The World Has Taken A Very New Turn.

The world has taken a very new turn probably out of its path or just trying something new. The world we once knew is not what it seems anymore. Do you remember at the very beginning of this coronavirus outbreak, how entire countries locked down its doors to other countries, families running in total panic into stores and depleting goods in every single counter? People individually also followed their specific governments orders to stay at home and cut all social relations with others and keeping away from possible social gatherings. I just feel like the tensions that were before now seize to exist. Some of the governments now strive to open schools and continue with similar activities and of course with precautions in place. Children have ironically now been excited since, knowing they finally get to meet all of if not some of their friends once more and physically.


I Am Almost Happy Some Services Are Open.

I am almost happy some services are open and businesses back to work. I know scientists and researchers are probably having sleepless nights trying to figure out the virus and if they can be able to come up with a vaccine. The way I see it, I think that only the vaccine will be able to save us now. The virus has spread so rapidly that it is now everywhere. From the streets we walk in to the common transport modes we have, we might not know where it is laying, obviously because of its micro-existence nature. I just cannot wait to get this year behind me…and we are just half way there. When 2021 kicks in I will say a thousand and more thanks to God that is if I actually get to 2021, ps. which by the way I really want to pass over there, I literally don’t want to be left in this year.

What Do You Think About The Whole Situation.

Please share down below in the comments section what you think about the whole situation and how much has changed for you in this coronavirus era. I probably just need to hear from you guys to know I am not going mad or something. I am just glad I can now visit my friends taking the necessary precautions of course, safety first. Just remember though in all of this we can also stay connected and still share the love and support through the internet and zoom. Just remember to stay safe to see another day, ps. No judgement whatsoever. To those who were not able to see this day, I pray that may their soul rest in eternal peace. Thank you guys for your precious time.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Ryan munywoki munyao


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