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Apex Sit up Board - Fitness Review Apex JD-1.1

Updated on July 25, 2009

Sit up Bench Review

Sit up Benches are becoming more and more popular as they are becoming more affordable for people to keep in there homes for a quick affective abdominal workout.
Most sit up benches are very versatile and allow you to do a large number of exercises despite its very simple and basic design. The most common exercises you can do on a sit up board like the apex one are

- Decline Situps, with or without weights 

- Back extensions with or without weigth

- Do pretty much any ab exercise on it

- Can be used for free weights such as tricep kickbacks

Many people are put off by the range of sit up boards or benches offered as most of them are manufactured in china by the thousands but you will surprised by how sturdy these sit up benches can be. This one also has very good quality foam pads and don’t hurt my knees or ankles when exercising.

The Apex Sit up Board


The apex sit up board is very sturdy and is capable of holding people over 100kg’s which means you can easily use it with added free weight without any trouble. When using it the apex sit up board stays very well balanced and doesn’t move around even when using heavy weights. 

Setup and Storage

Its very easy to assemble and comes with easy to join parts and takes less than 3 minutes to get setup and running, you will need a wrench to tighten all the screws. It also folds away for easy storage so its not a space waster.


You can also adjust the decline easily with the brack and bolt. You simply take it out and then position your bench to the desired position and reinsert the rod and tighten the end by hand.

Sit up benches are definitely a good change from doing regular sit ups or crunches on your floor and definitely challenge you, especially at the steepest incline. Even though it is made in china I’ve had no problems I know lots of people get turned off products made in china. Its affordable fitness equipment for people on a budget.


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