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Aphrodisiac Aromas

Updated on March 16, 2011

Aphrodisiac Aromas

Many of us do not even consider thinking about, Why we are attracted to a certain person? Seriously many of us think that we know but really most don't have a clue at all. You may believe in aphrodisiac's or maybe not. One thing that I have seen in my lifetime is that people use many different tactics, methods if you will to get what they want.

I remember my father using pheromones in the 1960s. Granted I was very young I had no idea what was going on. I did notice that my father never had a shortage of women. Some were mad at him which I didn't understand and there were others that seemed to be pleased.

As I witnessed later in life my Dad test many of his theories on how to basically date all the women that you wanted to. I have never had the occasion to use pheromones. While pheromones may have no smell I still would consider pheromones an Aphrodisiac Aromas.

I know that it has been scientifically proven that scent has a key importance when it comes to sexual attraction. Ever here of aromachology or psycho-aromatherapy, the study of the influence of aromas on behavior! And the smells or sents which have aphrodisiac properties are a part of sexual aromachology.

Yes people study this stuff and try to legitimize it by having scientific proof that different smells influence behavior. I dont need a scientist to tell me smell influences behavior. So does sight and attitude. If you treat a woman with respect and actually take an interest in her, You will find it will go alot farther than any smell. All these smells will have an effect on people so does music and lighting etc.

But the most powerful aspect of any relationship is the ability to give and receive love. It is a skill and I would suggest that all of us slow down and get better at. Giving and receiving love will get you farther than all the lotions and potions. But essential oils as aroma therapy are very powerful also!


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