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Apple Cider Vinegar Will Cure Varicose Veins

Updated on February 2, 2015
Apple cider vinegar may be able to help with your varicose veins.
Apple cider vinegar may be able to help with your varicose veins. | Source

Apple Cider Vinegar and Varicose Veins

No one wants varicose veins. Everyday, people spend money to cure varicose veins, when they do not have to spend as much money as they do. If you are looking to fix varicose veins, then you have come to the right place, because I have found a cheap cure for varicose veins: apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is something that I am sure most of us are familiar with, but did you know that it is also a natural varicose vein treatment? There is a lot of information out there that claims that apple cider vinegar will great for removing varicose veins, and I believe that it will. You don't need to go through costly treatments like laser removal. With this method, all this will cost you is the price of purchasing the vinegar from your local market.

Odds are, you are embarrassed about your varicose veins and would like to remove varicose veins discreetly. I don't blame you—I understand that not everyone wants to see a specialist, because you do not want a stranger to see your varicose veins, and you do not want to have to live with the embarrassment. This is a huge factor for many in deciding whether or not they seek treatment for their problems, and many people simply choose to live with their varicose veins instead of trying to fix it. If this is you, then you can rest assured that I have looked far and wide for the best varicose vein treatments that you can do by yourself, right at home.

So what is the first step when it comes to getting rid of varicose veins? Be willing to try out different things in getting rid of your vein problem. Once you have done this, then finding the cure for varicose veins is very easy. I have looked into several cures, and I think that the apple cider vinegar cure is probably one of the most one.

How to Remove Varicose Veins Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is such a great cure for varicose veins because it is so inexpensive, and you can find it just about anywhere. Nature always seems to know best, and nature seems to know the way to get rid of those bulging veins, which may be putting a damper on your social life, because they are so embarrassing. Well, you don't have to hide those bulging veins anymore, when you can simply get rid of them.

Here is the proven cure for varicose veins using apple cider vinegar:

  1. Find some quality apple cider vinegar. This can usually be found at your local grocery store, and it can also be found online if you so desire.
  2. Make sure that the apple cider vinegar that you buy is undiluted. This will make it an extra effective treatment option for varicose veins.
  3. Take the undiluted apple cider vinegar, and apply it to the varicose veins every night by rubbing against them.
  4. Repeat this varicose vein treatment in the morning, in the same way that you applied your treatment at night.
  5. Every day, mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water.
  6. Drink this mixture of apple cider vinegar and water twice a day.
  7. Wait about one month, and you will see your varicose veins disappear!

I hope that this guide to removing varicose veins has been helpful. Good luck to removing your varicose veins, once and for all!


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    • profile image

      Tapz 8 days ago

      Have started using ACV 2day...will be in touch about progress

    • profile image

      Marychan 13 months ago

      I have a spider veins in my right legs ,looks disgusting .total embarrassed but ill give it a try .hope this will help me .. thanks for the info .....

    • profile image

      Palmer 18 months ago

      Have recently started drinking a tablespoon of ACV/honey in water, (will aim for twice a day) hope it works on my spider veins

    • profile image

      Riza 20 months ago

      hi! thanks for this information i'll try this treatment 'coz there are small varicose veins forming in my legs. I hope this will work.

    • profile image

      olivia 21 months ago

      i have done it for a week, soaking gauze in it then placing it on the problem areas. noticed some fading, although i am very curious how it actually works - what it does to dissipate the vein?

    • profile image

      jess 2 years ago

      I've been using for about a wk nothing yet but I will update I hope everyone else updates to cause I kno everyone is different

    • profile image

      tammy 2 years ago

      I soaked in apple cider vinegar salt bath 2 3 times everyday day for 2 1/2 3 weeks about 30 min each time. I got very sick. I really think this did something to my normal veins. My feet feel like ice. They eont warm up. Anyone know any info on this. My body felt like i was burned for long time.

    • profile image

      Cherry yu 2 years ago

      Is there any updates about ACV is this really effective?

    • profile image

      Jodstar 2 years ago

      Have been using this method for 2 days. ..will give everyone a follow up post week by varicose veins had gotten very bulgy and two and I actually have been a little sorer than usual..this could be the start of the shrinking though..

    • profile image

      trying now 2 years ago

      my sister had varicose veins and in a month time by using apple cider vinegar has worked. not one vein.

    • MM Del Rosario profile image

      MM Del Rosario 2 years ago from NSW, Australia

      I have varicose veins too, but it is getting darker, I will give this a try. thanks for sharing .... MM

    • profile image

      needing help 2 years ago

      Have had them since i was 14 pretty much all behind my knee and in the back of my legs. Someone post the results yeah?

    • profile image

      jamie 2 years ago

      you don't need to rub it in either... I simply soak a cotton ball with Bragg's apple cider vinager and put a bandaid over the cotton ball until dried and weeks later faded and not bulgy anymore :)

    • profile image

      joylyn- philppines 2 years ago

      can anyone among those commentors above could tell me that using of ACV could really be a good remedy that helps reducing the appearance of varicose veins? i really need a prove so that i can start finding ACV in our place. i've been suffering from varicose veins since i was 11years old. and i want it get id of it because honestly it makes me embarrass

    • profile image

      Laurie Burge 2 years ago

      Well i am using veno rid serum for remove spider veins but I was a bit skeptical about this product particularly as it is a bit pricey but having used it on my face for a few weeks now I can see a remarkable improvement. I use it twice a day after cleansing. Try it and see.

    • profile image

      Neema 2 years ago

      the article was very informative and so do the comments :).....did anyone actyally try it? If yes please post your comments, would be even useful. Thanks !

    • profile image

      marites maglaqui 3 years ago

      Thank you so much for the info.

    • profile image

      AgingBody 3 years ago

      I've been using the compression stockings on and off. Yes, worked but for only a short time. It wouldn't hurt to try something new, and it's cheaper and more comfortable. I'm going to pay attention to my FahKing arthritis also. I wish you all the luck everyone. Aging stinks.

    • profile image

      Jocelyn operario 3 years ago

      Hi,I have heard all comments can I as we're I can buy that apple cider vinegar because I need to cure my varicose vien. I'm here Russia can I let you know among of you.thank you!!

    • profile image

      jess 3 years ago

      Curious if this has worked for anyone... people have said they would try it n post if it actually worked but never did

    • profile image

      TELMA. 3 years ago

      I HAVE READ ALL THE COMMENTS AND I WLL TRYING ACV. I AM REALLY HAPPY . I HAVE SUFFERED WITH VEINS SINCE I AM 14 years old and is really sad to have veins . they really look terrible and any person. Thanks very much for the remedy. Tomorrow i will go to the market and get my ACV i hopefully it will work.

    • profile image

      Noulla. Uk 3 years ago

      I have read all the comments an I will be trying ACV but which one is the best buy. I have suffered with veins since my first pregnancy, that's 35 years, but also they are very painfull will give it a go hopefully it will work

    • profile image

      lexi 3 years ago

      Add Your Comment..I have realy bad veins sso I'll try d remedy n c if it works bcaz I don't like them its embarassing thnx for d tip


    • profile image

      ram 4 years ago

      I'm 18 and have football legs yet all of a sudden I have varicose veins. I will try this method because I am getting sick of them. They make me feel insecure

    • Monis Mas profile image

      Aga 4 years ago

      Very interesting! I tried drinking it, but I was afraid to damage my teeth.

    • profile image

      Kid 4 years ago

      its not the cider vinegar. It's the rubbing. What your doing when you apply the vinegar is massaging it in. You can get the exact same effect with a stick!!! Or simple lotion. When you massage your varicose veins your repeatedly emptying them and after a short period of time you collapse them. If your drinking it your simply thinning your blood. You can get the same blood thinning effect from sucking on a willow leaf or drinking willow tea.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 4 years ago

      В мае 1988 года Макаревич, написавший неповторимый по настроению "Разговор с Леонардо Да Винчи", но не сумевший раскрыться как композитор, ощущая, что его музыкальные идеи не находят применения, покинул «Автограф».

    • profile image

      Ay - UK 4 years ago

      I have tried this method and it really only is a temporary solution. The reason that is shows signs of shrinking of the vein is due to the fact it is a vinegar. Pickling from the outside thus shrinking the vein in the process.

      It caused me problems because when the vein was slightly shrinking the build up in pressure caused varicose eczma which is no joke.

      I do wish people would not make statements on these pages that say, it will cure without considering that different people have different size varicose veins. and that the conditions need to be dealt with properly and not like this. And no i don't believe surgery is the answer.

      However, i have found apple cider vinegar to be very useful for digestion, which makes more sense than to put it on your skin for a temporary solution that just casused me pain.

      Ay -UK

    • profile image

      laurenesantos 4 years ago

      its really great for loosing weight however i hope it can help me for treating my varicous viens i will try it for 1 month up to 2 months and i hope my varicous viens will soon disappear...

    • profile image

      bhabes 5 years ago

      i read this ad,and im using ACV for my varicose vein hoping it will work after a month

    • profile image

      Ay - UK 5 years ago

      Apple Cider Vinegar is a great varicose vein supplement, however be very careful when applying it undiluted to the skin. I had real problems with eczema appearing and irritating the skin. This happened even though i also applied moisturiser afterwards.

      I am carrying on with it orally mixed with water, but am unable to apply due to this problem.

      If anyone has any ideas that could prevent this, please post them on here.

      Thankyou Ay - UK

    • profile image

      susan 5 years ago

      this info is great,i av started using it and with God's help i hope i will make it.

    • profile image

      Ay - UK 5 years ago

      I have been trying for just over a month, but in the UK we have been experiencing very wet humidity at 94% which as everyone should know contributes to the veins swelling.

      Orally i have been using Apple Cider Vinegar with the 'mother' for more than 5 months. Orally it has helped and eradicated my lactose intolerance which is great.

      The eczema caused by my varicose veins has subsided, and noticeable reduction slightly with my veins has been apparent. But i am still hoping the weather will change, and i will be able to have a bit more success with the ACV. Also the feeling of the veins has changed.

      At the moment i am still hoping for more improvement, as i have had my problem for nearly 19 years.

      I always add a emulsifying ointment to my legs after treating with the Apple Cider Vinegar to stop drying of the skin, which is good.

      Ay - UK

    • profile image

      JP 5 years ago

      I really hope this works i have a big vein on the back of my knee and it looks Awful !

    • profile image

      Shannon 5 years ago

      Does ACV also work for spider veins?

    • profile image

      lydia 5 years ago

      Is apple cider vinegar that is diluted to 5% acidity effective?

    • profile image

      ivy 5 years ago

      i have to try this... thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Rosali 5 years ago

      Good to know about this. I would like to share about the combination of ayurvedic herbs and homoeopathic remedies which gives wonderful results.These remedies work specifically by correcting the incompetence of the valve within the veins, reducing venous congestion by improving blood circulation, using natural bioflavanoids to strengthen the walls of the arteries and veins, optimizing the function of the valves in your veins and promoting the flow of blood in the right direction.

      Some of the frequently used remedies are OM5 VARICease formula, C28 VARICease formula and C28 HEMRH formula.

    • profile image

      Lina 5 years ago

      Thanks Sonia for the tips! I'm getting Bragg's vinegar from my supermarket. A pity my country doesn't really carry Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and the price is really marked up a lot. I can only get 300 ml at $5

      I've read that only Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother would work. Gonna try it now!

      Btw i've been using Heinz for the past few weeks... Didn't work at all!

    • profile image

      Sonia 5 years ago

      Hi! Don't use Heinz or any other vinegar that's clear. It's been pasteurized and filtered which gets rid of the enzimes. I use Bragg vinegar which I get at Whole Foods or Henry's for around $3. It's raw and unfiltered.

    • profile image

      Lina 5 years ago

      I'm only 19 and I have rather huge (but short) varicose vein behind my knees. They are really BIG and swollen but they do not extend to my calves though. I'm very bothered by it and I dare not wear shorts out. :( I have just started on the ACV treatment though my ACV is diluted to 5% (Heinz's product) (I really hate the smell and taste though) and I would definitely try this out for one or two months to see if it really works. Thanks so much for this information!

    • profile image

      jiromi 5 years ago

      ok, im 34 and i have big bulging veins in hands, feet and spider veins. These are not varicose because they don't hurt. The Apple cider vinegar is way to disgusting, i puke it even before drinking it. Can i get rid of my veins just by rubbing the vinegar in the veins and taking apple cider vinegar pills?

    • profile image

      Silver 5 years ago

      I'm going to try this! Keep your fingers crossed for me it works! (:

    • profile image

      love 5 years ago

      Is the effect of the diluted and undiluted ACV just the same ? I'm having problems with my feet , I'm just 17 and have bulging veins in my feet . I hope putting ACV in my feet will work .thanks though. :)

    • profile image

      miki 5 years ago

      I have had a long varicose vein behind my knee that runs up my thigh since I was 18 and pregnant with my child. I am now 34 and still embarrassed about wearing shorts. I hate the smell of acv but I will try it. I hope this works. I will post back if it works or not.

    • profile image

      Helen 6 years ago

      thanks for the info ..I will try it immediately

    • profile image

      fezeka yeko 6 years ago

      haai ive been looking for a medicine for veins but i cant get people says apple cider vineger helps is it true?

    • profile image

      jenny 6 years ago

      thank u so much for the information! il try it soon and will be back for results. thanks guys!

      more power!

    • profile image

      DT 6 years ago

      I tried the acv and after a month i did notice the veins diminish a lot. I'm going to keep taking the acv because I feel better tool. Also my legs don't feel heavy anymore. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Lili 6 years ago

      Ill try it thanks

    • profile image

      sofia 6 years ago

      hi, it is my first time here... just looking around for a good remedy for my varicose vein. i will surely try this one that you advised... and after a month i'm gonna give you a feed back, ever since i got this varicose vein behind my knee, i can not wear my dress, skirts and short anymore. i am so hopeless until i discovered this one, hope it will really help me a lot and i hope i can wear again my skirts and dress and enjoy night parties. thanks a lot and God bless.

    • profile image

      ihatemylegs 6 years ago

      this will help me and i'll try it immediately, i'm just 20yrs.old and i have a varicose veins.IHope this will help me ;)

    • profile image

      Amber 6 years ago

      I am yound and have varicose veins, my mom has really bad ones. I'm going to tell her about this and we will try it. I'm hoping this will fix the problem. I'm only 25 and I have not worn shorts since, I cant even remember. I associated this problem with being overweight; however, I an thin and still have them. I'm hoping this works as it is summer and it would be nice to get a tan on my legs and be able to wear shorts freely. Thanks for the advice, i'm hoping this works. I will keep you updated

    • profile image

      maria 6 years ago

      Can't wait to try it out!!!

    • profile image

      vericous be gone 6 years ago

      I have been trying this for about 2 weeks. I have noticed that my legs do not feel heavy anymore. I will continue to do the regimen and hope to report back with great results.

    • PRAVIN VAGHANI profile image

      PRAVIN VAGHANI 6 years ago from 3101 KEW AUSTRALIA

      Interesting article. Good useful information.

    • profile image

      Sheriza  7 years ago

      Ok so i drink the ACVfor a month for the varicose veins in my legs but have not seen any results? But i lose weight though and I always have 100 - 103lbs i can't afford to put on too much weight the doctor says. Please help me it pains a lot I wear de stockings for it but I stand on my feet all the time I'll have to quit my job soon to have kids and I do not have any kids I'm so scared when I'm pregnant and dat swells. Please help me

    • givingfairy profile image

      givingfairy 7 years ago from some place in the Big Apple

      Very good information. Thanks a million. After I try the apple cider you'll be the first to know of my results Great hub.

    • profile image

      lllr 7 years ago

      i have used it for a number of years for energy, I had none. I also have a heart condition and have now been told by the consultant he no longer needs to see me,I put this down to ACV, he is aware I take it. I have more energy now than when I was in my 30s. I notice if I have'nt taken it during the day. I personaaly feel it is brilliant.

    • profile image

      zee 7 years ago

      thanx for the advice,i hope deep in my heart this acv will help,i had several injections in my legs but still the veins is there.

    • profile image

      tamika 7 years ago

      I'm starting this treatment tonight hopefully it will work cause i really want to wear a dress for new years eve but I'm so embarrassed. I'll give my feedback in 1 month.

    • profile image

      debs 7 years ago

      ill give it a try for 1 month i started using it last nyt...hope my varicose vein will dissapear witout over spending money..thanks for the advise

    • profile image

      Shally4 7 years ago


      It is my first time in this site,have just discover it today.It has a lot of good information.

      Yes! am sick of this varicose veins.I promise to work on this ACV Treatment intensively for a good month then will give you feedback!I have the ACV in my fridge.

      Thanks for the information.


    • profile image

      jvwkz 7 years ago

      Thanks for this information, I will try this cause I'm sick to see my varicose veins everyday. Hope it can cure.

    • bluebird profile image

      bluebird 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this, I could sure use it and will be happy to try it out.

    • profile image

      maria 7 years ago

      how to apply the apple cider vinegar on legs?

    • profile image

      saxylady 7 years ago

      I have been putting ACV in my bathwater, and I have noticed that the varicose veins are definitely shrinking.

    • judyjet72 profile image

      judyjet72 7 years ago from Southern California

      Can anyone comment on what the regular intake of vinegar will do to my womanly Ph? I take a probiotic supplement every day which keeps me even and healthy in that dept. Don't want to mess with a good thing...but I have heard many great things about ACV.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      I know many benefits of apple cider vinegar but I had never heard that may be helpful in this case too! thanks for the info (though I hope not to ever need it!)

    • profile image

      tin 7 years ago

      does it have side effects? will it burn my skin?

    • profile image

      Katia Anselmo 7 years ago

      I'm so hopeless :( to be honest, i don't belive in that BUT i'll give it a try :) I have varicose veins since i was 18 (i'm 23 at the moment) and i have already 4 big varicose veins!! I'm all the time wearing jeans and big trousers, but to be real, i'm already sick of that!! i want to wear my skirt and my shorts!! jesus!! am i asking to much!?! i'm not even fat?! i'm so young and single... well, thanks for the advice, i'll try it ...

    • profile image

      Akshaya 7 years ago

      Being in Holistic Therapies for couple of time i will reply for this cure after seeing the positive benefits for my mother.

      If any problems regarding HealthComplications and if willing to cure it naturally you can message me @

      by God's grace your day will be rocking bye4now.


      thank you

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Great info & hub!

    • Daniel Townsend profile image

      Daniel Townsend 7 years ago

      Angela: I will probably do a whole series on the benefits of apple cider vinegar in the future. You are right, there are a ton of ailments that apple cider vinegar is said to cure. Be sure to look for any addition hubs on the subject in the next couple weeks.

      yenajeon: Please do keep it in mind, there seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the idea of a vinegar cure for varicose veins.

    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 7 years ago from California

      If this is true, I should definitely keep this in mind for when I get older! THanks =)

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 7 years ago from Central Texas

      Excellent advice -- my Granny used to drink the apple cider mixture each morning for arthritus -- she swore it worked! Apparently apple cider vinegar is a remedy for many things. Thanks for putting this info out there - super informative Hub. Best, Sis