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Top 10 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated on December 31, 2014

One drink, many benefits

For centuries, human race has been using apple cider for better health and skin.

Cider vinegar even finds a reference in the Bible.

You can make apple cider vinegar at home, or buy it from the market.

Made from organic apples, cider vinegar can be stored at room temperature and has a long shelf life. It doesn't go bad, because it is already sour.

Cider vinegar is used in our daily activities, right from drinking it for weight loss, applying it on hair as conditioner, rubbing it on skin for glowing skin, and to use it for other health benefits.

Let's find out the many uses of apple cider vinegar in daily life.

Weight loss

Apple cider vinegar's use for weight loss is well-known.

Apple cider vinegar contains enzymes and good bacteria which helps in increasing metabolism rate, burn body fat fast, and reduce weight. It also works by creating a feeling of fullness, which in turn encourages us to eat less.

On another level, apple cider vinegar helps in digesting food better, and boosts stomach health. A healthy stomach is poised to digest fat in a more effective way.

Hair fall

Apple cider vinegar for hair growth? Don't be surprised.

Apple cider vinegar is highly effective in improving the health of our hair.

Our hair have a pH factor of 4.5 to 5.5. With regular use of shampoo, hard water and other environmental factors, we end up with a pH factor that's not ideal for our hair. Apple cider vinegar has the right pH factor and helps in balancing the pH factor of our hair.

Mix apple cider vinegar in water (50:50 ratio) and use it as conditioner. Apply it to your hair after you have washed your hair with shampoo. Let ACV be absorbed in the scalp too. This will help in resolving the problem of dandruff and dry scalp too.

The additional benefit is ACV adds healthy shine to your hair.

Acne, warts, pimples and skincare

Acne treatment with apple cider vinegar works well because ACV helps in opening the closed pores of our skin.

Make apple cider vinegar toner and apply it on the affected area of the skin daily. This may irritate the skin initially, but with prolonged use, you will see the benefits.

To make apple cider vinegar toner, take about one quarter of a cup of ACV and mix it in a cup of water. Ideally use filtered water. Since ACV opens the pores of the skin, you don't want to encourage infected water to enter your skin.

Remember, apple cider vinegar toner, even in diluted form, has a strong smell. So don't apply ACV toner just before going out on a date, for example.

Best time to apply ACV toner is before going to bed.

Dental cleaning

Apple cider vinegar for clean teeth? Yes, it is possible. But before you get excited, read this carefully.

To clean your teeth with ACV, take one or two teaspoons of cider vinegar and mix it with one cup of lukewarm water. After brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with this ACV water. Rinse it a couple of times. Then rinse your mouth with clean water. This is important. Cider vinegar is acidic and may damage the teeth.

Some people even follow the ACV rinse with baking soda rinse. Simply mix a spoon of baking soda in half a cup of water and rinse your mouth with baking soda, after you have rinsed it with ACV water. Follow the baking soda rinse by clean water rinse. You don't want baking soda to stay on your teeth either.

How does apple cider vinegar help in dental hygiene?

Because of its acidic quality, ACV helps in killing bacteria building up in our mouth. Isn't that a very effective way to fight bad breath? Absolutely.

Foot spa

Apple cider vinegar can be used in pedicure, to soothe tired feet.

Simply add half a cup of apple cider vinegar to foot spa water, and gently put your feet in it.

You will feel the muscles in your feet relax as the skin soaks in the vinegar.

Because of its acidic nature, cider vinegar also kills bacteria and germs from our feet, leaving the skin refreshingly smooth.

A word of caution, don't leave your skin in ACV water for too long. Moderate foot spa is advisable.

This is perfect remedy for tired feet, for people with heal pain (like the author of this article), pregnant women, runners and anyone who has to stand for too long in their job.


Yes, apple cider vinegar has a strong smell, but if you apply it in diluted form to your underarms and other sweaty areas of the body, it kills strong body odors.

ACV even helps in keeping our skin healthy because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Simply dilute ACV in water and fill up a spray bottle with ACV water. Spray it on your body after every shower, and you will never need to buy a deodorizer from the market.


For those from climates with heavy UV rays exposure, apple cider vinegar can be applied on the sunburnt skin. Simply dab a piece of cloth in ACV water and apply ti on affected area. It will soothe the burning sensation and help the skin recover sooner.

Word of caution, if your skin is sensitive to apple cider vinegar (some people are), avoid using ACV for sunburn injury.


Add a few spoons of organic apple cider vinegar to your bathtub, and let the skin soak in apple cider vinegar. This will not only have anti-bacterial benefit, but also help in relaxing tense muscles. Did I mention glowing skin as a by-product of apple cider vinegar bath?


We all suffer from stomach issues once in a while. If you have diarrhea, put one spoon cider vinegar and one spoon honey in one glass of lukewarm water and drink it. ACV helps in forming fibrous matter.

Similarly, if you usually suffer from indigestion, apple cider vinegar will come to your rescue. Simply put one spoon of ACV in water and drink it an hour before meal. This will prevent a stomach upset or that bloated feeling.


We all lead hectic lifestyles, which then get compounded by physical activity and exercise. Fatigue follows because of the lactic acid produced by the body. Enzymes in apple cider vinegar act as balancing factor. Potassium in ACV gives us that energy boost. Simply add a spoon of ACV to your water and drink it. You can take it as a sport drink during your run or gym workout.

Other uses of apple cider vinegar

As I said, apple cider vinegar has many uses, and it is difficult to write them all down here (I will soon be publishing a book on apple cider vinegar.)

Here are some of the other benefits of apple cider vinegar

  • Opening a blocked nose
  • Yeast infections
  • Leg cramps
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Bad breath
  • Arthiritis

The list goes on.

It is also effective for pets. Give them a diluted spoon of cider vinegar to improve their digestive system.

Did I mention cider vinegar is a good cleaning agent in the kitchen?

What is your experience with apple cider vinegar?

So that's my list of uses of apple cider vinegar.

What about you? Have you used apple cider vinegar?

Do you have a favorite use for cider vinegar?

Would you like to share your story?

Please use the comments section below to give feedback, share your ideas, and to even ask questions. My articles are usually busy with comments, but I try to answer all questions.

Many uses of apple cider vinegar for better health


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    • profile image

      john whittington 17 months ago

      Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey will relieve acid in your stomach and reduce the chances of getting Cancer. I mix them half and half and take a tablespoon every morning to reduce the acid in my stomach ! People with Cancer have a highly acidic stomach system.

    • profile image

      miko h 20 months ago

      can i use ACV to clear psorias on scalp also dermatices

    • profile image

      Sheri Baby 007 2 years ago

      I'm using ACV on varicose veins of my legs and want to know how it actually works on the varicost veins. It is reducing the appearance of my varicose veins. They seem to be disappearing from the surface of my legs.

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Thanks Carl for sharing your experience. Yes, apple cider vinegar is a great remedy for heartburn.

    • Carlmighty profile image

      Carl Nell 3 years ago from Alberton

      A great product to have around especially for heartburn. Can't go without it. I normally mix a bit with olive oil for my salad dressing. Love it.

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Hi Shruti, I have read that ACV helps in limiting the growth of arthritis, and there's anecdotal evidence of people having fought arthiritis successfully with ACV. There is limited medical research available. You could use it the same way as described in the article above - 2-3 tsp twice a day, on an empty stomach, diluted in a cup of water.

    • profile image

      SHRUTI sk 3 years ago

      Hi acv useful for arthritis also? Wat should be the dosage?

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Hi Marion, thank you for your comment. Yes, apple cider vinegar is beneficial in treating gout. It can be used in two ways - by drinking ACV, and by applying it topically. Drink ACV twice a day, on an empty stomach, by diluting 2-3 tsp in a glass of water. By topical application, damp a piece of cloth in ACV and put it on the affectedd area. Leave it for about 15 minutes. When taken internally, ACV helps in rebalancing pH factor. The acetic acid in ACV becomes alkaline when consumed, and lowers the acidity in the body. However, limited research exists to prove this claim.

    • profile image

      marion roszell 3 years ago

      How good is ACV for gout?

    • profile image

      SHRUTI sk 3 years ago

      Ok thank you.

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Even then Shruti, you should consult your doctor, especially because your father has undergone the treatment for cancer.

    • profile image

      shruti sk 3 years ago

      Thanks for ur review. I just want him to use it for his heartburn and not for his cancer treatment. I want him to get some relief From his heartburn. Can he use it for a month just to reduce his heartburn?

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Hi Shruti, I am not aware of any literature that suggests that ACV leads to bladder cancer. However, since your father is suffering from esophagus cancer, it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting ACV treatment.

    • profile image

      shruti sk 3 years ago

      Hi my dad has esophagus cancer and sever heartburn since a year almost. He is done with his chemo a year ago. From so many links in websites I found out ACV is really helpful for heartburn. But also found out somewhere that it can lead to baldder cancer. So please suggest whether an already cancer patient that is esophagus cancer patient can go for ACV or not. How safe it is to take it and not to increase the risk of another cancer in the body. Please give me ur views on this. He 64 years old. I want to suggest him for ACV for his heartburn. He is completely depressed coz of it. Plz share ur views on this.

      Thank u

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Hi Blessedp, thanks for your positive comment. Please share your experience of using apple cider vinegar.

    • blessedp profile image

      blessedp 3 years ago

      Thank you, I just bought a bottle of "Braggs" ACV. I will let you know the results.

      Thanks a lot keep on writing and informing novice like me. :)

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 4 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Hi Blessedp, thank you very much for your positive feedback.

    • blessedp profile image

      blessedp 4 years ago

      Love your hub. Very interesting article, I enjoyed reading and learning the benefits of such a great product.

      Thanks much.

    • 101Ways2Life profile image

      Alana Niall 4 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Hi Health Card, thank you very much for the positive feedback. :)

    • Health Card profile image

      Evie Dawson 4 years ago

      Very true.. apple cider vinegar is a cure for everything.. I had a great reading time.. :)