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Apple Cider Vinegar for Indigestion

Updated on March 21, 2015

Nothing you you’ve been told about indigestion, heartburn, or everyday stomach disorders is true. Increased stomach acids or acid reflux does not cause indigestion. As a matter of fact, taking antacid is the worst remedy for these stomach disorders, whether they were prescribed or not.

The natural state of the stomach is actually acidic so there is no such thing as an excessive acid or built up acid within the stomach. It is actually much like saying that your lungs are afflicted with excessive oxygen, or you have excessive red blood cells in the body. Aiming to buffer Gastric acid to relieve your uneasy stomach is just like attempting to treat excessive blood cells with leaches. We find that both situations indicate improper use of medicine for treating just the symptoms of medical conditions, which are either non-existent, cannot be appropriately diagnosed, or profitless to do so.

The reality about nearly all stomach disorders is they are caused by not having enough acid in the stomach; therefore, we’ve all been fooled by the pharmaceutical industry. The real factor behind indigestion and acid reflux is that whenever the stomach is lacking acid, it needs to churn violently in order to make the best out of the inadequate levels of acid in the stomach. This then induces pressure in the stomach and causes the acid to back up into the oesophagus. This is what in turn causes the pain.

Antacids appear to work as they make the acid that your churning stomach is spewing less acidic, and thus, reducing the pain. In exceptional situations, actually, when the stomach is producing acid excessively, it's pretty much always the body trying to make up for antacids having been routinely applied. The end results of taking antacids sooner or later inhibits the correct food digestion, temporarily getting rid of only the signs or symptoms, and sooner or later inducing the exact same increased acid issue which we meant to stop from the beginning. In order to once again produce acids that the antacids have neutralised, our body has to undertake series of complex chemical reactions, which stress the body to produce a pH, which is acidic. This is apparently an unhealthy process for the body.

Why Stomach Acid Deficiency Happens

The amassed poisoning from the factors pointed out in this article eventually results in the artificial modification of our body’s chemistry thereby making it acidic. It has long been established that whenever the body becomes acidic, it becomes prone to illness- the name for this condition being “acidosis”. Ironically, this medical condition- Acidosis- brings about an acid deficiency in the only organ requiring acid: our stomach. During digestion, the toxicity of most of the foods makes the body even more acidic, as well as the water. When your body is very acidic, it tends to kill the cells of your body, cripples your immune system, you experience weight control problems, encounter hair and skin problems, age quickly, experience metabolic problems, and you become vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, you become prone to allergies, and the body cannot effectively absorb nutrients or flush out toxins, you cannot perfectly regulate minerals in the body such as calcium and unable to cope properly with cholesterol. Most of all, the body will not be able to maintain significant levels of oxygen.

The Aftermath of Week Stomach Acid and Antacids

There are two main complications resulting from weak stomach acid:

  1. You tend to be protein malnourished. Whenever your stomach acid is low, you are unable to digest protein properly. When the stomach cannot digest protein well, it forms toxins in your intestines that further give way to more illness and disease. Since protein is naturally acidic, the poor breaking down of protein further renders your blood acidic.
  2. Weak stomach acid also makes you mineral deficient. When your blood turns out to be much more acidic, it will start to search for minerals from other parts of your body to be able to keep your blood in a more alkaline state. Acidic blood therefore steals minerals from your body even including your muscles and bones. The latter, which eventually results in osteoporosis.

A vicious cycle is ultimately created here: Low stomach acid= Low minerals= Acid blood. The above cycle continues since acidic blood further lowers your minerals and causes low stomach acid. The moment this vicious cycle begins, it creates a succession of implications: You can actually eat lots of protein food and still be protein malnourished. This tends to raise your cortisol levels – that is death or stress hormone - hence raising the glucose or sugar levels of your blood. Elevated cortisol level negatively affects your temperament and behaviour.

At some point, this causes adrenal fatigue- that is it exhausts your adrenals and suppresses your DHEA (the youth hormone), ultimately causing premature aging. Lower DHEA and high levels of cortisol affect your brain and conduct, but that's not all. The vicious cycle of low stomach acid impacts on the ecosystem of your body as well. Low stomach acid brings about pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and candida, which overcomes the healthy micro flora and consequently decreasing your immunity.

Some of the common symptoms and disorders caused by low stomach acid include belching or bloating, and flatulence immediately after eating, Indigestion, Heartburn (often thought to be due to excess stomach acid), Undigested food in stools, constipation or, Diarrhoea. You also experience chronic candida, iron deficiency, chronic fatigue, dry skin, adrenal fatigue, multiple food allergies, hair loss in women, acne, rectal itching, weak, peeling, or cracked fingernails, various autoimmune diseases.”

A natural Remedy for Weak Stomach Acid

Anytime you experience indigestion, try an experiment that will provide the required levels of acid in your stomach. Ingest a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and drink a glass of water. I recommend only shopping for apple cider vinegar that is in glass containers; else the vinegar will consist of chemical pollutants which normally leaches out the plastic-type material. It should be able to subside all the stomach roiling and pain in a couple of minutes. The results are just amazing. If not, then your problem is related to an ulcer for which you should see a doctor immediately.

No pharmaceutical company is going to make billions of money from this, and none of them will ever be able to obtain a patent to own apple cider vinegar. Regulatory agencies will also not get to make money from this either. For these reasons, never anticipate learning about something like this in any medical journal, or even hear about it mentioned in any of the mainstream media.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Acid Reflux Remedy


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    • Tricia Deed profile image

      Tricia Deed 2 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      Very interesting. They say that we do not eat very many fermented foods nowadays. In the past people ate pickle relishes, sauerkraut, and other similar foods composed of vinegar. Many of today's foods are too smooth, so I guess this is why apple cider vinegar daily will help with acid indigestion.