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Application of Pharmaceutical Formulations in Curing Cancer

Updated on May 30, 2013

Application of Pharmaceutical Formulations in Curing Cancer

Pharmaceutical Formulations is the most effective process in which medical and remedial products is produced using various kinds of drugs and chemical substances. Before carrying out this process it is very important to examine some important factors such as particle size, polymorphism, solubility and pH of the drugs and chemical substances.

Pharmaceutical drugs used in this process are very active and are applicable for the treatment of various kinds of physical ailments and diseases. The products of these formulations can be classified as tablets, capsules, ointments, injection, syrups and birth control devices. These formulations are categorized based on the methods used for its applications.

These categories include nasal, oral, topical, intravenous and ophthalmic formulations. Among these the most important formulations are oral and topical formulation. Following are the details of above mentioned formulations.

  • Oral formulations are considered to be a most popular medication these days. These formulations include tablets, solutions and softgels. Solutions are basically used for the treatment of cough and cold symptoms. The solutions of the oral formulation proves to be beneficial for the children and aged people as it helps in smoothing up the process of ingestion for their delicate systems. Tablets are the effective water-soluble medications because of its convenient storage as well as ingestion. Furthermore, softgels are suitable for drugs that can be absorbed in glycerol mixture or mixed alcohol.

  • Topical Formulations are specially used for the treatment of skin diseases.

  • Nasal Formulations are applied for the treatment of sinus problems in situation where rapid delivery is required.

  • Intravenous formulations are frequently used as commercial medications for the long term treatments of patients infected with dangerous diseases.

Effective treatment procedure for ovarian cancer:

Nowadays, these formulations are used for fighting with ovarian cancer. Pharmaceutical Formulations that are used in curing ovarian cancers are Carboplatin, Cisplatin and Melphalan. These formulations are very effective and give great results when made applicable. The drugs used in the process belong from the class of monoclonal antibodies that are safe medication for the patient suffering from cancer.

These days this procedure is helping the patient getting their cancer cured without undergoing any kind of painful surgery. However, one should be very careful while choosing such formulation procedure.

There are many search engines browsing through which one can get detailed information of these formulations starting from its area of application to its cost.


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