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Are Americans Cowards or Just Too Easily Discouraged on Climate Change and Arresting Polluters?

Updated on November 18, 2012

Are Americans Cowards?

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

-- Abraham Lincoln

Or Are Americans Easily Discouraged?


Or Both?


Or Neither?

If Neither, then what?

the case for cowardice

"I'm a scientist (PhD, physics). I'm convinced that the earth is warming, and humans are the cause. I'm in good company. The scientific evidence is, at this point in time, very clear. The continued efforts of "confusionist" posters on blogs such as this to try and contradict the scientific record with nonsense is slightly amusing, but uninteresting to me. It is a clearly stated tactic of the right-wing noise machine to promote the idea that a controversy exists when there is none. It worked for the tobacco companies, for a decade or two.

What would it take to convince a denialist that climate change is upon us, and humans are the cause? What are their standards of evidence? They're great at contradiction, what about introspection? I prefer the scientific method, personally. Works for me.

Would any of the anonymous cowards posting here be willing to wager some money that GISTEMP will not increase in the next 5 years? I would gladly take such a wager. Put your money where your keyboard is."

By John P on May 17, 2007 9:22 PM



Just Youth- Environmentalism

Or maybe the question is irrelevant.

Maybe Americans need to know how they can reverse climate change.

The answer is simple: arrest polluters. And take other action.

  • tax them. Load them down with taxes to solve the national debt. It is not like ExxonMobil cannot afford it. They have the deepest pockets on the planet and they get corporate welfare and they get subsiidies and they get tax breaks. BP was fined billions for the Gulf spill and it barely affected them.
  • vote against any candidate who has a record of siding with polluters
  • boycott polluters, boycott companies that pollute, don't buy any product or service from those companies
  • don't let your spouse or child go over to fight for oil -- no blood for oil. Let Rex Tillerson go fight on the front lines if he feels strongly about going places where the US is not wanted in order to drill for crude oil
  • if you are on a jury, decide against polluters. However, the lawyers for polluters will try to keep you off the jury.
  • write, email, call, text, and visit public servants until they serve you instead of serving polluters
  • lobbyists for polluters are lobbying for crime. Identify lobbyists for polluters and look for ways to put them out of business. Exposure. Adverse publicity, Catching them committing crimes. Whatever it takes to stop the flow of bribe money to Senators and US Representatives.
  • get judges off the bench who decide in favor of polluters. Pollution is a serious crime and any judge who does not understand that legal fact should not be allowed to be a judge and should be permanently thrown out of the profession. They should not wear judges robes.
  • if you are an investigative journalist or documentary maker, then team up to go after the worst polluters one by one with exposes. Always tell readers and viewers in your article or video what they can individually do to bankrupt the polluters.
  • if you are a stockholder, then sell your stock and bond holdings in polluters
  • if you an investment adviser, then advise your clients to sell their investments in polluters
  • keep reminding other people that a polluter is fossil and fission. These are NOT alternatives. Alternative energy is alternatives to fossil and fission. They try to sneak into the tent as alternatives but ask yourself: "Alternatives to what?" Answer: fossil and fission. Fossil is oil, gas and coal. "Clean" coal is a myth. Coal is almost pure carbon. Natural gas would have been not as bad except fracking is exempt from pollution laws! ! ! And fission plants mass produce material for dirty bombs. And no one but fools wants radwaste in their backyard.
  • if you are a comedian, make fun of polluters. Make them the butt of every joke. Ridicule them. They are the source of endless material. Use it. Or lose your country and your planet.
  • If you are an actor, demand scripts that villainize polluters.
  • If you are a writer, write stories that make polluters the villains they are. You don't need to look for monsters or slashers when you need look no further than real life monsters. Do your own research if you doubt that polluters do very evil things. Prepare yourself to be shocked at your own naivete.
  • If you are a movie producer, then do a quality movie about the stupidity of pollution.
  • If you are a studio executive, then green light quality movies about the stupidity of pollution. You probably live in the Los Angeles metro, so let the smog be a reminder.
  • Where have all the politically conscious singers and musicians gone? Do some songs about polluters. Move people to action.
  • If you are a law student or attorney, then work for a special public interest research group to end pollution. Specialize in environmental law.
  • If you are a banker, then don't give loans to polluters or extend their current loans. Since they are law breakers, you have no obligation to aid and abet a crime.
  • If you are an accountant, then use forensic accounting to undercover the hidden costs of pollution.
  • If you are an insurance agent, then do not insure polluters. They are an uninsurable risk as criminals.
  • If you are an architect, then do not work for polluters. There are ten green clients for every one polluting client.
  • If you are a minister, then have enough courage to speak up for stewardship of God's green Earth and against the sin of pollution.
  • If you are a psychologist or psychiatrist, then get a patient who is the CEO of a polluting company committed to an asylum. You have to be a sociopath to poison the air, land and water.
  • If you are a teacher, then teach your class about pollution. I am a former teacher and have had graduate courses in education and ecology so believe me when I tell you that there are vast quantities of lesson plans and instructional materials. If your school district does not have these resources, then go to your state's department of education or to the US Department of Education (before the polluters have it destroyed). Alert parents in PTA and PTO meetings that the future is green not death. Therefore, their children need to be prepared for jobs in solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and wave power.
  • If you are a physician, then speak up and say what we all have known all along -- pollution causes cancer. Toxins cause cancer. Carcinogens cause cancer.
  • If you are a driver, then buy an electric car
  • If you are a senior, then devote your retirement to making the world cleaner for your grandchildren.
  • If you are a child and wonder why so many people have asthma, then wonder no more.
  • If you are searching for a job, then find work with a solar, wind, geothermal, tidal or wave power company.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, sift through the ashes of failed clean energy companies, buy up their patents cheapo, hire their best people, and start a clean energy company. And then tell the SOB's who delight in the failure of Solyndra to kiss your --- .
  • This election day, vote for your lungs and vote for your stomach. May it never be full of poisonous air, poisonous water or poisonous food.
  • If you are the CEO of a company that does not pollute then pull out of the US Chamber of Commerce.
  • If you are a college student, study towards the goal of a cleaner world. As you can see from this list, there are hundreds of ways to fight polluters. Pick a way and start ripping at the polluters.
  • If you are a farmer, switch to organic farming.
  • If you are a factory worker, use your spare time to find work in a cleaner factory. Why work for a place that will kill you and leave your spouse a widow or widower and your children orphans?
  • If you are an airline employee (pilot or flight attendant), factor cleaner burning biofuel into union negotiations. You see the atmosphere every day. Therefore, you have no excuse for not including the issue.
  • If you buy vehicles or craft for a corporate fleet, then buy electric vehicles and cleaner craft. Chances are they they will have lower operating costs over the lifetime of the purchase.
  • If I missed your occupation, then I apologize. But I truly and honestly believe that no occupation cannot contribute to damning polluters to hell. For example, garbage collectors know all about recycling. Janitors know that some cleaning products harm the environment and some don't. There is literally no job or career that cannot fight polluters. I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

two of the Koch Brothers
two of the Koch Brothers


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