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Are Digestive Problems Keeping You Awake At Night?

Updated on June 20, 2011
Indigestion could be at the very root of sleep disturbances, for many insomnia sufferers.
Indigestion could be at the very root of sleep disturbances, for many insomnia sufferers.

Ever gone to bed just to toss and turn, while you wonder about which sleep remedy to use. The problem may not be a disruption of your body’s circadian rhythms, or a lack of melatonin. Your problem may be an inability to digest your food correctly. Through personal experience, I have found that using certain products to help me digest my food better have yielded greater results than many of the sleep remedies I have tried. I have also discovered that sleep remedies work better when you are digesting your food well.

You body does most of it's food break down in the evening between the hours of 8P.M. and 4A.M. followed by the bodies elimination cycle which takes place between 4A.M. and Noon. Therefore, aiding the body in a good nighttime digestion, may be the key to a restful sleep for many.

First of all, it is advisable that you do not eat any food at after 6PM. This way at eight in the evening when your body goes into the assimilation phase, that take place between the hours of 8PM and 4Am, you are not hindering your body’s ability to break down foods in the small intestine and then transform this food into the organic material. your body needs to function properly. If you interrupt this cycle by forcing your body to digest at the time, you will experience sleep disturbances, due to a compromised digestion.

There are many effective natural digestive aids that can help you achieve a healthy digestion and a blissful sleep.
There are many effective natural digestive aids that can help you achieve a healthy digestion and a blissful sleep.

One of the biggest problems with digestion is an overburdened liver. Because the liver is the organ that filters out the body’s toxins and also breaks down fats, it often becomes exhausted and fails to work effectively. Therefore, it is important to take care of your liver, in order not to suffer from a compromised digestion. I have found products that help the liver function better, some of these products help the liver break down fats and these are wonderful for the purpose of helping this amazing organ function well.

There are a number of companies that sell these products to help the liver break down fats through the internet. You can also shop your local health retailers; they usually have a section devoted to digestive products. If you do not know which product to try, I would highly recommend that you consult your natural health practitioner. The internet also provides a great wealth of information, as well as websites for purchasing these products. I use a product called Lipo-gen by Metagenics. Other products that I trust are by a company named Nutri-West, I use two of their products, and they are Hypo D and GB Plus. If you find these products do not fit your budget, there is a wonderful company called Swanson Health Products, which sell both their own brand and many other brands at extremely affordable prices.

Along with products to help the liver process fats, I highly recommend taking enzymes to aid with digestion, taking enzymes help the pancreas work more efficiently. I also recommend taking a special effervescent drink called Sal de Picot, this product is sold at Walmart and is very inexpensive and believe me, it helps with digestion.

Taking Magnesium Citrate, an inexpensive mineral is wonderful for helping you calm down and get to a restful sleep. Fish oil capsules or DHA oil capsules also help a lot with sleep.

Of course there are many other wonderful natural remedies out there such as L-Tryptophan, which helps if you have low serotonin levels. There is also L-Theanine which helps raise your dopamine levels and is very effective when taken in combination with magnesium and fish oil. Occasionally simply taking melatonin can be helpful, although your body will not always respond as expected when taking melatonin if you already have enough melatonin in your system. These remedies aid in getting a restful night's sleep, but they can be hindered if your digestion is not working well.

Therefore if you have tried natural sleep remedies and have found that they are not working as hoped. Have your digestion checked; because digestive problems could be getting in the way of your body producing the sleep hormones it needs to produce a good night’s sleep.

Remember your body functions as a whole entity, and therefore we must take care of our entire body, not just try to mask symptoms. Sleep problems could be a symptom of other problems, that need to be addressed, such as digestive disturbances, a liver that isn't functioning properly, and even parasites. All of these can have an adverse effect on your hormone levels and cause all types of health problems. So it is important to take care of your body in it's entirety and it will take care of you.


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