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Are Men Really This Stupid About Food?

Updated on October 17, 2013
Unlike the men in the study, this man seems to be of the more intelligent variety
Unlike the men in the study, this man seems to be of the more intelligent variety

Hey, lots of guys, whether single or dad's, buy groceries on a regular basis. It is not just a "woman" thing. Yet, food companies often think that men are idiots about nutrition and are biased enough not to buy a yogurt because of its color! Instead of a label being blue or red, food makers seem to think that having a label that is black is more "manly". Are they serious?

That is an insult to men. Another idiot marketing scheme is that men will not buy beer with a short neck bottle, the same applies to soft drinks. Instead, they think men will buy the same only if in long neck bottles! Is there REALLY any man out there so hung up on his masculinity? God, I hope not. How stupid.

Since when is drinking a drink via a straw a feminine issue? Sometimes, a straw is the best course of action and what has this got to do with sexual identities??? Does the straw represent a penis? Is that why? LOL.

According to a marketing study of 900 men between 18-64, 47% of them think so, that, groceries are geared to attract the female buyer. Are they kidding? What kind of ignorant male species are these respondents? The study showed that the men in this groups were allergic to anything with "low fat" on the label. That is the only kind I do buy. Why buy something with 16 grams of fat versus 4 grams? Makes no sense nutrition wise.

Do men not like lattes? According to this wacky group, they don't because it seems to girlie!? Huh? These dudes want only cold brewed coffee steeped for a long time served black. What planet are these morons from? I get lattes all the frickin time! So because of this stupid study, some coffeehouses are trying to appeal to the male taste buds of a few.

Another put down for men is that the food manufacturers don't want to make food prep too difficult, not more than three steps anyway! The reason is because many dudes are new to cooking. This is insane.

Any intelligent man will not care about the how the food is packaged, in what color. A smart guy who cares about food nutrition will read the contents of the package and the stats for each serving if they care about their health and those they love (kids to name a few). Maybe most of these guys were single and never had to prepare meals for kids when mom was still not home.

The whole study is put-down on men, giving the impression they are morons when it comes to nutrition. Glad I am not one of them!


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Interesting share on this thought. I always thought they packaged foods for women. I will have to look at this next time I'm in the store.