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Are Oysters Aphrodisiac Foods?

Updated on October 18, 2015
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Mazlan wasn’t into health or fitness, but as age crept up on him, he realized the important benefits of living a fit, healthy lifestyle.

Oysters, an aphrodisiac? It is packed with zinc, selenium, amino acids, phosphorus, iodine and other minerals that are essential to increase your libido level
Oysters, an aphrodisiac? It is packed with zinc, selenium, amino acids, phosphorus, iodine and other minerals that are essential to increase your libido level | Source

Are Oysters Good for You?

Are oysters an aphrodisiac and healthy to eat? For centuries we have thought so. Now scientific studies have given us enough evidence to support this claim. These studies showed that oysters have chemical compounds that not only will trigger and increase the libido levels, but have health benefits, which are good for you.

Oysters are Rich in Amino Acids - Evidence to Support

One of these studies shown that oysters are loaded with rare amino acids, D-aspartic acid (D-Asp) and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA), which are responsible for the increased levels of sex hormones and virility. That probably explained why the ancient Romans feasted on mountains of these oysters and oyster food. With the resulted increased in levels of testosterone and oestrogen, can you imagine the orgies that went on after that!

Ancient Roman's uninhibited lifestyle, too much oysters?
Ancient Roman's uninhibited lifestyle, too much oysters?

Oyster Nutrition - Health Benefits of Oysters

Oysters Rich in Nutrients

Oyster has a fine balance of carbohydrate, protein and lipids. It is also an excellent source of Vitamins A, B1, B3, C & D. If you take four or five medium size oysters this will give you your recommended daily dosage of essential minerals such as zinc, manganese, iron, copper, magnesium, selenium and calcium.

These minerals are compounds that can spice up your love life.

Zinc - For Testosterone

The high zinc content in oysters aids in the production of testosterone, supposedly good for male virility. It also helps raise sperm production.

Zinc also regulates the progesterone levels, which has a positive impact on the libido level. (In men, progesterone gets converted into testosterone. In women, progesterone helps control the menstrual cycles. ).

Deficiency in Zinc may cause impotence in men. Hence, food that is rich in zinc such as oysters, can be considered an aphrodisiac.

Phosphorus and Iodine - For Stamina

Oyster also contain high quantities of phosphorus and iodine. These minerals are essential if you want an increased level of stamina.

Selenium - Increase Male Potency

Oyster is high in selenium, which not only has antioxidant properties that will protect cells from damage, will also increase male potency and also sex drive

Dopamine - For Arousal

Oysters also contain dopamine. This is a hormone and neurotransmitter that is known to raise the libido level by stimulating that part of the brain that cause 'arousal'.

Oysters Trivial

Oysters are acephalic i.e. without a head. Hence they cannot hunt. It will instead wait for the tides & currents to bring food to them!

Calorie Level in Oysters

Oysters are low in fat, but high in protein. Oysters are also low in calories with 57 calories per serving.

Therefore, when you eat oysters in large portion and you feel full within your caloric level, you can be assured that will be kind to you especially if you are on a diet.

Side Effects of Eating Oysters

Too much of oysters can be bad for your health as it is high in cholesterol and sodium. Both can result in higher blood pressure and will lead to heart disease.

Depending on when and where the oysters are harvested, it can contain bacteria that can be harmful to the body, which can results in diarrhea and fever.

Oysters also have allergen that can give you skin problems such as skin rashes.

Therefore, eat in moderation and be selective in where you buy or eat your oysters.

Where and when the oysters are farmed and harvested are important criterias to know so you don't eat bacteria infected oysters
Where and when the oysters are farmed and harvested are important criterias to know so you don't eat bacteria infected oysters | Source

Can Raw Oyster be Harmful?

Raw oysters may contain harmful bacteria. However eating raw oysters may not pose a problem for most healthy people. If you suffer from cancer, any immune disorders, diabetes or liver disease, then you should not take raw oysters.

Eating Oysters

How to eat oysters?

Oysters should never be eaten straight from the water. They need at least four days to settle before they can be eaten.

How to Serve Oysters

Oysters are best eaten alive and raw. Seve it on a platter of crushed ice and your oysters will stay fresh longer. Besides eating them raw, you may add a dash of lemon juice or a drop of Tabasco (the purist will hate you for this!)

Alternatively, you may serve oysters the following ways:

  • With a dash of shallot vinegar
  • With a dash of cocktail sauce
  • Eaten as smoked oysters
  • Baked with cheese
  • Oysters are also boiled, roasted and stewed
  • Sometimes they are broiled and also steamed
  • They are also canned as well as pickled.
  • The Chinese will fry oyster with egg and flour

How to Buy Oysters

Oysters have a shelf life of up to two weeks. Then again you may not want to wait that long as it may not taste that great, as they age.

Can You Freeze Oysters in the Shell?

Once they are out of water, you should refrigerate them, but not frozen.

When buying oysters, choose live oysters with their shells tightly closed. If it is open, then chances are the oyster is dead and is not safe to eat. Another way to check if they are alive is when you cook them. The shell will be open during cooking, but if it doesn't, then the oyster was dead before it was cooked.

Oysters Anyone?

We all know that what we eat will affect our s_x lives.

Hence, with all these facts, will you eat raw oysters for that 'drive' that you've been looking for?

Maybe not too fast, as you have to consume a fairly large amount of oysters to get results. It was reported that Casanova takes at least 50 oysters a day!

Hmm, how much will take cost you today?


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    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Hi Thelma. Thanks for your kind words and your support. Hey, you can write a Hub on your oyster adventure! That will a good read.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 5 years ago from Germany

      Very interesting and informative hub! I love oysters but only the small ones. When I was a child, I collected oysters with my friends after washing our clothes from the coconut tree which was lying under the water of our Gihaw-an river. The river was still clean at that time. I did not know before that it has a lot of health benefits. Voted up and useful. SHARED.

    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Hoteltravel, good of you to be back. Thank you for the feedback and the vote. And thanks for reading, I do appreciate it!

    • hoteltravel profile image

      hoteltravel 5 years ago from Thailand

      A well-researched article on an interesting topic. Voted up and interesting.

    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Hi diamondadvice, Thanks for dropping by. Give it a shot this weekend, see if it works!!

    • diamondadvice profile image

      Liz Hancock 5 years ago

      interesting info, always wondered about oysters.