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Are People Who Get Bored, Boring? What To Do If You're Bored. How To Solve Boredom

Updated on November 17, 2013
Throwing a party is fun!
Throwing a party is fun!

I think getting bored is a sign of intelligence. People who don't get bored can be dull. Or maybe not. Perhaps they just know how to enjoy themselves and what makes them happy with their time.

Personally, I myself have gotten bored. I realize now, that it's because I probably haven't been doing things I enjoy. Why is that? Perhaps, I didn't realize what I enjoyed or given myself permission to have fun. Or is it that I need a lot of stimulation?

I know that I derive happiness from doing exciting things. I know that I love being around people to an extent, having meaningful relationships that is. Heck, also enjoying life!

Some things I enjoy. (Best to make a list yourself, so you can start doing what you enjoy!)

  • chess
  • board games with friends at a coffee shop
  • playing with pets
  • going to the movies
  • bowling
  • nature walks, any kind of walk or run
  • biking
  • swimming
  • reading
  • writing
  • journaling
  • watching tv
  • online activity
  • social events
  • getting outdoors
  • saying hello to strangers
  • people watching
  • sitting in a cafĂ© or bar
  • drinking beer
  • having a nice meal with or without wine
  • being cared for
  • massages
  • shopping
  • Me-days
  • bubble baths
  • relaxing music like Enya
  • exciting music like Classic Rock and other rock
  • vacations
  • road trip
  • beaches
  • playing pool at a pool hall with friends and beer
  • singing karaoke

Are You Doing What You Like? If Not, Why Not?

Sometimes I forget to do what I enjoy. It may be that I am no longer hanging out with friends who like to do fun things. It may be that I should be doing these things on my own, if my friends don't like them. It make be I need to get out more.

I think sometimes life can get depressing for different reasons. Some people just don't know how to have fun, or get out and have fun.

Lately, I have gotten rid of a lot of friends due to growing up and wanting more meaningful friendships. I also find it takes a lot of energy to make new friends at times. Many people we meet in life, have not what we're looking for in a friendship. They may be users, or snobby, or have issues we don't like. They may be dull. Lots of reasons.

So, my conclusion is not to look to others for entertainment, but to make your own. If you do not have people to do fun things with, perhaps you enjoy those things you don't need people or friends beside you to enjoy. Some of those activities- could lead to making new, healthy, and good friends/relationships.


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    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 4 years ago from USA

      A lot of people who take medications for the mind, also get bored. Medications affect the mind, and can dull it to a point, where they have a hard time thinking of things to do at times. But kudos to you! I wish my mind were constantly going to never get me bored. However, as long as I'm working and active, I'm much happier. Hence I'm one of those who thrives in work situations and feels unhappy if home all day.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      My children never dared say they were bored, lol. That meant I could give them plenty to do not to be bored. I never get bored, I just stay too busy. Good suggestions though for those who find it a problem.