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Are The Products You Use Safe?

Updated on July 4, 2009

Can you imagine putting spoiled meat & old grease from restaurants, road kill, and engine degreaser into a broiler, boiling it until you get a nice creamy grease-like substance, then letting it cool and using it on your face & body? Me either (I'm assuming you said something like "no!"). But if you think that you aren't then I got news for you: you are! If you buy commercially advertised skincare ingredients, then you are. And if you can't pronounce many of the ingredients on your favorite product label, then you are!

Whether you believe it or not, I suggest you do your research. Start by visiting the FDA's website, where they will basically tell you that skin care products are not consumed, so they are not put through any kind of quality control testing. So sad, but true...

So Sad, But True...

The sadder fact of all of this is that you are consuming these products, just not orally.

In case you don't know, your skin is an organ. Everything placed on or surrounding your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. That is why alot of hazardous materials require you to wear gloves before handling(perms& relaxers too!).

I've heard people say "so what, who cares if (chemical name here) is in my conditioner, it's not killing me."  So let me give you an example of the the reality in the danger of using these products.  An alcoholic does not die from one drink - they die after their organs have failed/shut down.  A smoker is not killed from one cigarette, but can die from multiple problems that can occur.  Both situations go from bad to terrible from prolonged use!  So no, these products do not kill you right away, they just clog your pores & prevent air from oxygenating your skin - causing premature wrinkles, orcause you to have skin allergies, or headaches, or eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. I know because I am living testimony.  The more I cut back on store bought, soaps/detergents, shampoos, lotions, and conditioner, the better my dry skin and psoriasis got.  So I encourage you to do your research.


Ingredients on a container are listed from what it contains the most of, to what it contains the least of.  To be listed as an ingredient, all that is required is a drop - so do not be deceived when a product advertise "shea butter" or whatever, and you don't see it in the top 5 ingredients, Inactive ingredients are not required to be listed, so those will not always be included.

Sure there are things you cannot prevent, but there are also things that you can.  Driving through a polluted neighborhood - sometimes you cant prevent - pollution is everywhere.  putting dangerous chemicals on your skin regularly in small doses is not mandatory.  Why not exercise your choice and prevent what you can?

Some say "what you don't know won't hurt you."  I say, "what you don't know can kill you."  i believe my statement is true.  Think about it.


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