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Are You An Eligible Candidate For The Snoring Surgery?

Updated on August 22, 2010

Are You An Eligible Candidate For The Snoring Surgery?

 Snoring is a very common problem and if you snore at night, you should know that you are most certainly not alone.  Snoring is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide and which can range from being so mild it is hardly noticeable to being disruptive to that person and other people in their life.  If you are a snorer then you know how frustrating it can be because you can disturb not only yourself but also others around you.  There are lots of different reasons for why people snore.

 If you have allergies that could be what is causing your snoring problem.  It is important to find out what the cause of the snoring is before working on a treatment if you want to be sure you get the best results.  Some people opt for the snoring surgery but this is only considered as an option for a last resort.  The goal of the snoring surgery is to improve or hopefully eliminate altogether the sound of a person’s snoring at night.

 During this procedure, surgeons will remove deposits of soft tissue from a person’s mouth and throat which could be causing a vibration and the snoring sound as a result.  In most cases this is the main cause of snoring.  Of course this surgery is not a guarantee and so it is not successful for all patients.  Patients need to realize going into the surgery that although they do want to be positive they also have to be realistic and realize that it may not completely solve their snoring problem.

 In some cases that patient may be able to go through with the surgery and give it another shot.  As with any other surgical procedure, there are certain risks and complications that can arise as a result of the surgery.  That includes a significant amount of pain for one thing, and a lot of patients are in so much pain afterwards they are unable to talk and need to rest for a few days until they feel better.  Keep in mind that this could cause problems with your work if you were not ready to take that much time off.

 Some patients deal with a nasal regurgitation problem after the snoring surgery.  Dehydration is also often an issue which is why you will be told to drink plenty of water for the few days following the procedure if you do go through with it.  If you have a snoring problem and it is bothering you or causing you health concerns, it is important to have it dealt with.  The snoring surgery is not the best treatment option for all patients but may be in your case.


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