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Are You Aware of the Causes and Cures for Snoring

Updated on January 2, 2011

Causes and Cures for Snoring

Causes and Cures for Snoring

Are You Aware of the Causes and Cures for Snoring

It is best to be informed about the different causes and cures for snoring so that you will be in a position to apply the best remedy for it; before running out of opportunities to save your marriage. Habitual and regular snoring is not only humiliating but it is also both; annoying and distracting. It has been the cause of many disputes between couples and could even qualify to be the propelling factor for divorce. So if you are one of those who are suffering from snoring issues, then this article about causes and cures for snoring, will definitely be a god-send for you. (And your marriage)

Common Snoring Causes
To find the solution, you should first identify the source of the problem and below is a list of the possible causes of your snoring problems.

As people grow older, the cavity or internal passage within their throats also becomes narrower, and is often coupled with a decline in the tone of the muscles of the throat. This biological condition causes problems in their breathing process while they sleep thus resulting in loud snoring sounds at night.

Anatomy of the Body
Biologically speaking, men have a more narrow air passage compared to women which makes them more prone to snoring while they sleep. Aside from this fact, many other causes like having a cleft palate and enlarged adenoids or other physical traits that may be inherited genetically, are all contributory elements for snoring problems.

Sinus and Nasal Problems
Difficulty in inhaling is one of the reasons why people snore. This creates a vacuum within their throat which when released produces a very loud vibrating sound which we refer to as snoring.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
Increased muscle relaxation caused by alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking as well as sedatives medications are also factors which triggers snoring. Regarding tobacco smoking, an important point to be noted is that passive smoking or second hand smoke is also capable of aggravating snoring.

The fatter an individual is, the more prone he is to experience snoring while sleeping because excess fats may constrict the throat and block the passage of airways of the body that results to difficulty in inhalation on the part of the individual.

Sleep Posture
It has been concluded that sleeping while lying flat on your back may trigger snoring at night because throat tends to relax more thus blocking the passage of airways of your body.

Cures for Snoring
After identifying the cause of snoring, let us now analyze the different techniques or strategies which can be used to cure snoring problems. Reposition Try other positions while sleeping aside from lying flat on your back. Most doctors suggest that patients sleep on their side to prevent the relaxation of the muscles of the throat and falling back of the tongue. You may also elevate the head portion of your bed by approximately four inches, to enjoy a more comfortable and efficient breathing process.

Throw Away your Cigarette Sticks
Eliminate cigarette smoking from your life style. Throw away those sticks and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Eat fresh and nutritious foods that can help repair the muscle tissues of the body and improve its immune system.

Clear Nasal Passages and Keep Your Bedroom Moist

See to it that you have a moist environment in your bedroom because dry air inside your room may trigger nasal congestion. Moreover, if you are diagnosed with nasal blockages it is best to consult your physician about it to provide you treatment associated with it.

Awareness about causes and cures for snoring will make the battle against snoring much easier for you.


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