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"Are You Happy With Your Life"

Updated on April 18, 2010

We search for Happiness everywhere except within ourselves

Most of the people are not satisfied with their life. Except a few, many don’t  have peace of mind not only with their jobs but also with their family and relationship with others. Why is it so ? Why people of great riches are desperate for peace of mind and end their lives without even achieving them . Its pathetic to know that mainly the highly affluent, celebrities , the royal clan and those people who act not only in their public domain but also in their personal lives are the victims of this.                      

What happened to all of these people ? . Don’t they know how to search for peace of mind ? . Or, are they not influential in searching what they get ?.  I think many of the above people don’t even know that what they need is peace of mind, but they run after everything hoping to get the inner satisfaction for which they are desperate. God, has cleverly given man everything he craved for, however, he had made man’s life a puzzle by which he comes around repeatedly searching for his key to salvation.

“Peace of Mind”, is a state of mind. It is not only craved for by the rich, but also by the poor . This is the only state, which both the rich and the poor are running after, not knowing that it is achieved only by directing our thoughts inward and not by money or beauty or whatever material thing we think as a fortune or enjoyment. A yogi is satisfied with his life, by living under a tree or in a mountain achieving the state of peace without a penny. Similarly a monk, by living a simple life is satisfied with his life which God has given him and he finds peace in showing the path of light to his fellow beings. If you happen to meet a yogi or a monk you would understand what I want you to assimilate. A true Yogi or  a Monk will reciprocate his peace of mind on his face. You will never find a single line of sorrow or worry on his face. They have crossed the path of sorrow and not only in this life , but in the coming life too they will be ascending towards the higher being of eternal life.

So, people who are rich, affluent and celebrities have enough money to get whatever they desire for, but do they get the final satisfaction . No, they will never get the satisfaction in their lives. They will be running one after other either be it their career or family. Worldly affections, material attachments which make this world a richer place and what we think a happier place does not give  the expected results. They in fact bind us further and further into the complexity of life and at one stage some could not come out of their own mess and either lead a mentally unstable  life or end their lives abruptly like many celebrities and rich ones which we have come across in large numbers.

Turn your mind inwards. Your thought should be directed towards your inner self. Only then you will attain peace of mind and by nothing else can it be achieved. The riches are not permanent. The poverty is  not permanent. Nothing is permanent in this world. If you think that you have something only for yourself, then you are ignorant. “The Gita” says “You have not brought anything into this world and you will not take anything from this world, whatever you have was taken from this world and it will be given back to this world. Whichever you own now, will be somebody’s  another day”. So, by this concept you come empty handed and you go empty handed out of this world. You don’t even know where we come from and where we are destined to. In between, man does everything from stealing to killing or from having ‘envy to destruction’ .

Please, listen to the inner voice which “The Almighty”, has given us. Our inner voice never lies, or leads us the wrong path. It could be called by another name called “Conscience”. The Inner voice is the key ,God has given us to reach the state of satisfaction and peace. Have positive thoughts and try to help others in atleast the least possible way by which you become dearer to God and we must know that God is always fond of souls which try to help themselves and others with a true heart and sincerity.

Life is not a bed of roses. Almost all of us know this, but we often become tired of life and feel disgusted by the obstacles we face. We should know that everything we come across whether if it is a joy or sorrow , they are passing clouds and are not permanent. If you look back in your life you would be astonished that you have successfully faced many obstacles and come so far. Look upon those who are not so fortunate. People in some parts of the world don’t even have a single meal a day. However, they are still living hoping someday they might see prosperity. We should take heart from them. In fact , we have everything to live a decent life and sometimes more than what we need , still are we happy. Rarely. Turn inwards. Start meditating. Look upon God and admire his way of doing things. Source your faith from the ultimate. You will have a peaceful and happy life. Not only that , you will make others also happy and find a meaning for coming into this world. May God shower his kindness and love towards those, who live as per their inner self and also for others self.




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    • Narain.K.D. profile image

      Narain.K.D. 7 years ago from India

      Thanks for your valuable comment Michael Jay.

    • Michael Jay profile image

      Michael Jay 7 years ago

      This is such a very good hub! Thanks for sharing this. You pointed out a lot of good points here.