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Are You Held Prisoner By Your Addiction

Updated on July 13, 2010

Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you think you have no chance of beating your addiction? Are you held prisoner by your addiction?

Yes, would the answer for me back in the days of drinking alcohol, but now today, being sober, I can look back and remember the days of hell I went through and what I put my family through.

We the addicted feel helpless to our demons, because they have taken hold of our bodies and our minds and transformed us into entirely different people.

For myself, I saw by looking into the mirror how I was changing day by day. Sometimes not even recognizing myself due to the changes taken place before my eyes.

When you see yourself changing for the worse you begin to wonder "why am I doing this to myself"? Am I out to kill myself or am I a prisoner to my addiction and have no power or strength to defeat my demons that have taken over me.

We are basically stuck in a horrible rut and we don't know a way out of it, "at least I didn't" After many years of drinking alcohol it came a time in my life that I just couldn't stand myself nor my life.

Many people would beg me to give up the alcohol and come clean, but I didn't pay any attention to anything they said. I was in denial so bad that I thought I wasn't doing anything wrong and the rest of the world was in the wrong, so I thought.

So, one day I decided, and said to myself, "lets try this out doing the clean and sober thing". Maybe it's not as hard as everyone says it is.

I said to myself, this is ridiculous that some liquid in a bottle can run my life and while running it killing me as each drink heads to my liver. It's now time to be released from prison and show the alcohol demons just who is the boss here.

As I prepared for my sobriety and the fight of my life, I wanted to get out from under and break the chains of my addiction. It excited me knowing that if I do this right, I will be a free person again and will be able to live the life that I was put on this earth to live.

i had some preparing to do in order to conquer this alcohol addiction that I have living with for many years. First of all, I needed to change my overall outlook on life, which was always negative thoughts, and change it over to a Positive Attitude from here on in.

I had no luck living in a negative world, so changing to the Positive side of life has to be far better, and so it was.

Now, living the life I only thought about and wished for when addicted is now here and I am loving every second of it. You really have to try this life change. It is so GREAT and there is nothing like it in the world, to live every moment clean and sober and not worrying about how and when you will get that next high or being in that drunk state of mind.

Surrender and break those chains that bind you to your addiction and live life as it should be lived.


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