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Are You In Search Of Happiness? Read This

Updated on April 11, 2017

Finding happiness in life is certainly not an Utopian aspiration. But happiness generally gravitates towards those who are willing to be happy. It appears that more than 50% of the world's population is not yet ready to be happy. That is the reason they are suffering from emotional troubles. In other words, whether you are happy or sad depends on you and you alone. You have to stop doing a few things. Of course, you must take a few steps as well. The steps suggested here are not from an ivory tower. They have been practically used both by philosophers and common men who have succeeded in finding happiness in their life. "Science is a collection of successful recipes," said Valery, a French philosopher. Similarly, these steps are a collection of time-tested recipes. Let us have a look.

1. We must not ignore our needs

Many people forgo their needs because they wrongly think that they can be happy by pleasing others. It is true that you should try your best and be good to others. But it does not mean that you must not satiate your desires and not get your needs fulfilled. Remember that others will not fulfill your needs. You must realize this bitter truth and ensure not to ignore your needs.
Others may not also know what is in your mind and what you need. Therefore, forget about pleasing others and give a serious thought about the things you want. By making an honest introspection, you can clearly know what your needs are.

2. You can never be happy if you have the habit of comparing yourself with others

Every human being is unique. So are their circumstances. Therefore, it is futile as well as meaningless if you compare your life with that of others. Envying about the things you do not have but others have will make your life miserable. Instead, have faith in yourself and work sincerely. Everything will work out in your favor very soon.

Remember that though you think that others are leading a perfect life, in reality, it may not be true. They may have their own problems or they may be comparing themselves with those who are seemingly better than them. So, you must focus on how you can improve yourself and your life. Make necessary changes to your life so you can achieve your goals. By rewarding yourself for every milestone you achieve, you can keep your motivation levels in tact.

3. No need to resist your fears

Everyone thinks that fear is a negative emotion. On the other hand, by altering your thought process, you can make this emotion bring about a positive impact on your life. For example, if you do not work to the satisfaction of your manager, you may be afraid that you may not get your promotion. So, you can use the same emotion of fear to put in better and more purposeful efforts. Of course, fear can impede your happiness. But if you act tenaciously and overcome your fears, even sky cannot impose any limit on what you can achieve.

4. Never hesitate to attempt new things

You may hesitate to attempt new things fearing mistakes and failures. But unless you are ready to try new things, you cannot achieve the goals that can make you happy. Yes. You may commit mistakes during the course of your journey but fearing those mistakes and failures will get you nowhere. In fact, mistakes and failures provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn. Once you learn, you will become confident and so, you can put your best foot forward towards achieving your goals.

5. Never think that your happiness is in others' hands

For being truly happy, you must first love yourself. You are unique and no one will know better about you and your needs than yourself. So, thinking that your happiness is in others' hands is wrong. Even your spouse and children cannot make you happy unless you decide to be happy. So, spend time for yourself, respect your genuine likes and dislikes and try to get them fulfilled.

6. You cannot control everything in your life

There are a number of things in your life that you cannot control. So, stop worrying about them. Focus only on those things that you can control and do your best.

7. Respect others but do not live according to their expectations

You should respect others and their views. But always trying to live according to the expectations of others may drive you mad. You can never be happy if you have this notion. Follow what your heart says and set goals accordingly.

8. Perfection is a mirage

There is nothing called 'perfection.' A thing that may appear to be perfect to you may not be so for others. If you go after this "mirage," you will be squandering your energy and resources. Do your best and move on.

9. Stop doing things for making others happy

Your aim is to be happy in your life but if you keep doing things for making others happy, you are putting your resources to wrong use. This is not an outright suggestion for being selfish. Remember that when you are not happy, you may fail to make others happy.

10. Never stop pursuing your dream

Achieving your goals or realizing your dreams will make you happy and hence, you must never stop making efforts to achieve them. You should devote at least 1 hour towards the required tasks that can take you towards your dream.

11. Things that bring happiness to others may not make you happy

You are unique and so, thinking that things that bring happiness to others will make you happy also is wrong. Find out the things that can really bring happiness to you and go after them.

12. Stop focusing too much on your future

No one can predict your future perfectly. So, always focusing on your future may not do any good to you. For example, saving for the future is good. But it should not be at the cost of enjoying your present. So, save for the future and at the same time, be ready to spend reasonably for your current life.

As Dale Carnegie points out, all our troubles are due to our ignorance but they are due to inaction. So, start taking action so you can find happiness in your life soon.


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