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Beat stress in three easy ways

Updated on September 17, 2016
Faith is an important aspect in beating stress
Faith is an important aspect in beating stress | Source


Me stressed out? No way, even though I work three part time jobs because I am currently unemployed, do a lot of work around the house, sit down to write whenever possible, and enjoy my three cups of coffee each day without it keeping me up at night.

How do I do manage to remain unstressed in my stressful world…three ways.

First, I have faith and friends who offer me support in tough times.

I rely on my faith to help keep me on an even keel. I pray, read the Bible which helps to give me an inner peace even when my little piece of the world seems to be falling apart. The second part of the equation is relying on my friends to help me work my way through tough times.

The thing to remember is that you are not an island surrounded by water and all alone. You are more like a peninsula attached to other people by faith and friendship. I know it is kind of a corny analogy but it works for me so I hope it will also help you.

Second, I try to channel my stress.

I try to do activities which will channel my stress instead of letting it build up inside me. For instance theses small articles I write are not only informative but also therapeutic. They allow me to take my mind off of what is bothering me at least for a little while.

You might also consider taking up a hobby or even doing activities with friends. The important thing for you to do is to take up an activity which you like and will stick with,

Thirdly, I exercise.

No, I haven’t become an exercise guru or anything like that. When I’m feeling stressed out I simply go for a walk or go to my local gym and get in a few minutes of exercise time. This helps me work away the tension and feel better.

While there are many other ways to relieve stress these are the three ways which work best for me. The important thing is to do something which works for you and make sure you stick with it. One other note if you feel that stress is taking control of your life it is important to seek professional help. A little prevention now will go a long way in helping keep you stress from turning into a bigger emotional and maybe even a physical problem later.


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