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Are You Prepared for Retirement?

Updated on July 7, 2017

Recently, I attended a wellness seminar for women of all ages. There was a personal trainer who was invited to speak during the last session. She began by talking about retirement. The first question she asked was, "Are you ready for retirement?".

In the back of my mind I was a little confused because she had just introduced herself as a personal trainer.

"Personal trainers don't usually talk about retirement.", I thought.

She then went on to talk about health and wellness in order to get to retirement. I was fascinated by her speech. What we all don't think about is how much our wellness depends on a happy retirement.

I never felt so motivated to start a healthy lifestyle until that moment after hearing her speech.

I have heard all sorts of stories about financial security and saving to prepare for retirement, but what most people don't think about is living well so you can enjoy the money you have invested for retirement.

You can save and invest and put years worth of hard work and persistence to save for your retirement plan, but what use will it be for someone who does not live a healthy life?

There are many times when companies will have special seminars or meetings pertaining to retirement information, but what needs to be included is the importance of living a healthy life.

Are you investing in your health and wellness by eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis?

No matter what age you are in the workforce, you should be thinking about meaningful strategies to get to retirement.

I had an aunt who was so great at investing and saving all of her extra income. She would contribute hundreds of dollars to her retirement, yet she died at the age of only 56 due to alcoholism and smoking. All of her hard earned savings was granted to her children, which was beneficial for them, but she was never able to reach her ultimate goal.

From my experience, living a more healthy life will also cut back on expenses and allow you to save even more money for the future to retire.

Think about how someone in your family may have lived longer after retirement if they had just altered their way of living to enjoy what they had worked so hard for.

If you make the initiative now, your body and mind will go a long way. You will be surprised at how far you have gotten.

Start by scheduling a visit with your doctor to gain insight on what is healthy for you.

Be honest, let your doctor know about any concerns you have or what has been bothering you. That way he or she can diagnose any illnesses and get them taken care of right away.

Let your doctor know that you would like to begin to live a healthy lifestyle. Ask for any suggestions to get started or if it is okay to begin a new exercise regimen.

Figure out what works for you. Whether it is group exercise or private yoga, your body will continue to transform over time. Include any activities that will provide wellness of the mind.

Once you have your fitness and wellness goals planned out, continue to find ways to maintain those goals for the rest of your life.

Find any information you would like to know more about through videos, movies, reading material, friends, family, and etc.

What some fail to realize is before we know it, we will be only a few years from retirement.

It is never too late to start thinking and planning for retirement, just make sure that you include a healthy lifestyle to compliment your plan.

Below, I have included some helpful resources that has inspired me to live a more healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that these are my suggestions, there may be other resources that will work well for you.

How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy | Luke Durward | TEDxYorkU

Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle! by Cambria Joy

HOW TO START A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! Get fit, stay organized, eat healthy ♥ by Hailey Sani


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    • pattyfloren profile image

      Patty Florence 4 weeks ago from Illinois

      I like your enthusiasm and zeal. I thought when it said retirement it is well-being and eating healthy. I'm guessing it includes the monetary reward as well. Retirement was so necessary back in the day. By today's standards, most people that I work with live check to check.