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Are You Ready For A Good Laugh?

Updated on July 7, 2011

It's the best medicine!

Since the receptor sites on the immune cells are affected by the neuropeptides…. (Wait! I thought this was going to be funny.)

It’s just good to be reminded that the immune system can become suppressed by negative thoughts, stress, anger, depression, anxiety and other so-called mind/body connections. That is is a viable reason why illness can happen in an otherwise healthy individual. So, do you want to give the immune system a boost? Have a good belly laugh!

I did have a good laugh back in 1970. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve laughed plenty of times since then. But, sometimes there are defining moments in one’s life where you remember such a hilarious and embarrassing event, and have to laugh all over again. Thus, 1970 is a marked year for me. I shared a snippet of this particular experience in one of the books I’ve written. So, since an abbreviated version already circulated around the world, let me tell you what happened:

I had just started a new job as Executive Secretary to a hospital administrator. Being somewhat of a fitness buff, I enjoyed walking to work rather than drive or take public transportation; it was only about 14 city blocks total.

This one morning the snow was coming down quite steadily and sticking, mixed with freezing rain, and the roads were getting slippery. My new boss called on the phone and told me he would swing by and pick me up due to the inclement weather. I thanked him for the offer, and decided to wear my brand new wig that I purchased for this type of yucky weather. As I climbed into his Mercedes, he complimented me on how nice my hair looked and commented that I should wear it that way more often. Again, I thanked him, patting my “hair” with my open hand as though to fix it better. We were on our way.

We made it without any traffic snags to park behind our building. He suggested I walk ahead of him since the lot was becoming a skating rink. I carefully and daintily stepped onto the sidewalk with him following close behind. All of a sudden, my legs flew up in the air, I landed on my butt, my head jerked and my wig fell off! It wasn’t enough that my own hair was “bobbi-pinned” tightly to my head, but my purse opened and its contents rolled everywhere. I reached behind me without looking, frantically felt for the wig, and forced it onto my head. My boss let out a long, loud gasp, and then a quick “Are you all right?” As he hurried red-faced into the building, I gathered all my things with abject embarrassment and slowly headed to the front doors. How could I ever get through the rest of the day after this humiliating experience?

Sporting wounded pride, I slowly approached the front doors. Catching my reflection in the glass, I saw such a funny sight I began to laugh hysterically. My shaggy wig was on backwards and stuck out like Woody Woodpecker in a windstorm. A mental picture of this episode invaded my thoughts throughout the day, and I could be heard cracking up with laughter in my office. My boss, on the other hand, chose to play the recluse, too stunned to join in my bouts of laughter.

I’ve learned in this life to never take yourself too seriously. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and life's unpredictable situations. Not one of us is perfect, so allow yourself the joy and health benefits that result from a hearty laugh.


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