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Are You Ready for Alzheimer's

Updated on January 24, 2012

Alzheimer's Care

Care needed for Alzheimer's disease patients  is set to increase
Care needed for Alzheimer's disease patients is set to increase | Source

Planning for the future

What with exercise and healthy diets we all seem to be leading healthier lives, with the prospect of living longer and leading a more fulfilling life as we get older. But something we all overlook or choose not to think of is the thought of getting ill as we get older. Now, chances are, we are all going to get ill at some stage in life but if you are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease then your life can and will change forever. So a little planning as we get older can help if you are suddenly diagnosed with this awful brain degenerating disease.

The greatest change in your life if you are diagnosed with Alzheimers is the capability to remember. This kind of memory loss is know as dementia. This can be awful not just for the person with the disease but also for family and friends of the sufferer. You will be unlikely to be able to make rational decisions as the disease gets progressively worse with time because of the dementia (ability to remember) so a little basic planning now may make life a lot easier in later life. But what should you do. Most of the suggestions we make are what you should do anyway as you approach old age. The comfort is in knowing that if you take these decisions now that they were done by you in a rational, educated way of your own free will. If you were to wait to be diagnosed with dementia then your decision making process may be not what you really want.

Writing a will
Writing a will | Source

5 Reasons to Plan for Alzheimer's

Hopefully you will never get Alzheimer's disease, but with the number of people getting the disease in ever increasing numbers around the world, it may not do any harm to make sure that you have everything in place just in case you begin to start showing the symptom's of Alzheimer's. Here are 5 simple steps that you should do to make growing older as pleasurable as possible.

  1. Make a Will - Its always better to make your wishes know by way of a will. It not only lets family know what you want to happen when you die but can also let family and friends know your wishes if you fall ill. Legal provisions can be made in a will for somebody to act on your behalf if you fall ill. (as will be the case with Alzheimer's) Always consult a solicitor when making a will.
  2. Finance - Mental impairments like Alzheimers, can leave you unable to perform simple tasks such as writing cheques or paying the bills so you must make provisions. You will need to give legal power of attorney to somebody so they can take these financial decisions for you. If you do decide to give these powers to somebody then always seek legal advise. You must be of a "medically sound mind" to be able to appoint somebody the power over your finances so if you are diagnosed with early Alzheimer's you must make this a priority. The power of attorney only comes into effect when you are medically judged to have lost the mental capacity to manage your own affairs.
  3. Family - Always keep your family informed when you make decisions on lifestyle and money. Speak to them to let them know your wishes if you were to get ill. What you expect of them when it comes to care for you and the responsibility you want them to take on.
  4. Insurance - There are many insurance policies available today to give peace of mind as we get older. Insurance Policies can cover anything from nursing home costs to the buying of expensive drugs. it is always advisable to speak to a professional about insurance policies to make sure you get the correct cover you require.
  5. Home - This is a very controversial subject. In recent years there has been constant reports of people who suffer from Alzheimer's having to sell their houses to pay for residential care. You will have to decide certain things. Do you want to stay in your own home for as long as possible. Do you want to be cared for in a home for the elderly. Do you want outside help or would you rather a family member to help you. What happens if you are unable to look after yourself safely.

These are all decisions that you can make yourself whilst of sound mind. Hopefully you will never need these provisions but it won't do any harm to have them in place.


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