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Are You Ready to Lose Weight?

Updated on February 01, 2016

The Consequences of Not Changing

If you do not change your behavior, then how will you lose weight? As you know, there are serious health consequences to not changing. Losing weight is a "must" when it comes to achieving health. Unfortunately, being overweight is correlated with heart disease, diabetes and a number of other health challenges. You want to avoid all that by keeping a healthy weight. You will need to start acquiring healthy eating behavior and stop overeating. This is quite possible but it will take a mental shift. You will have to find some motivation.

Get Serious about Weight Loss.

This is another way of saying become committed. Losing weight cannot be a hobby. It really has to be a focus. Once losing weight becomes a primary focus, then results will begin to come. The problem of being overweight has to be eliminated and healthy eating behavior put in its place.

weight loss
weight loss | Source

Put Together Short and Long Term Goals

A big weight loss goal can seem very drastic and hard to fulfill. Some people feel that they will never achieve the goal- that it is all but impossible. A good way to set up a weight loss plan to avoid this sense of despair is to have long and short term goals. The short term goals will be reached easily and more quickly. This sense of accomplishment provides momentum to reach the long term goal.

Do You Have Short and Long Term Weight Loss Goals?

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lose weight
lose weight

Use a Chart and Journal

Many people are greatly helped by having a weight loss chart up on their wall. This keeps your results in front of your eyes all the time. You could record pounds lost or inches lost. Another good tool is a weight loss journal. This journal is helpful for recording your thoughts and feelings as well as how much weight you have lost.

You Do Need to Exercise.

Some people think if you eat well there is no need to exercise. Nothing could be further from the truth. You do need to exercise. There are many types of exercise. Some are more strenuous than others. Do you prefer to exercise alone or in a group? This is what you must decide.

Are you truly committed to weight loss? Create a major goal and then smaller sub-goals that are reached more quickly. Take data on your progress using tools such as a journal or weight loss chart. Some form of exercise is necessary and beneficial to long term weight loss success.


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