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Follow a Passion To Make Money and Create Residual Income

Updated on May 20, 2015

Are You Working Too Much

Do you ever feel like you are working too much? Do you ever wish you could make more money in 2012 by making residual income? Have you ever wondered how your company can make more money in 2012? Or maybe you've wondered what it might be like to collect a check every week but not have to get up in the morning to go to work work work? I'm 49 years old and have worked at some job or another since I was 14. That's a long time. And, although I am the type to want to stay busy and I have enjoyed my choice and chance in the job market I've seen others who work their tails off, don't particularly like their job and never seem to get a break.

We have to support ourselves and our families but we get run down, depressed, physically drained, unhappy and down right tired of our lives. Some start to ask the question, why?

I thought about this problem for a long time and I wondered why for some, life is so hard and for others not so hard. that's when I decided, that I would try to make things easier for myself if I could. My question - how could I make a residual income? My first answer was to look at ways that others do it. My second was that I may have to spend a little to potentially make a little. I did both of those two things and perhaps the most important, follow a passion and now almost three years later I am beginning to see some progress. I am making some money with google adsense on hubpages and on my tourism websites which I started three years ago and with which sprung from my first site and what unintentionally formed int my cttravel company of which I am part owner. My sister and her husband share the business with me.

I did not have this whole idea in mind when I started a small do-it-yourself website to make a little extra money. It has turned into something bigger than I had anticipated.

Other passions that I follow have also helped me to make income but I had to take some steps to believe in myself and believe that others would believe in my talents and ideas too.

It's hard to work at a job that you don't particularly like so take what you love and see if you can figure out a way to make it profitable.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Research The Process Of Making More Money

I've done a lot of research on ways to make more money. My main focus at the moment is researching ways to make more money online. The computer has unlimited potential to research this subject. The keyword is time consuming. It just takes so much time. Researching the process of making money can be done just by typing questions into google or ask jeeves and then following directions from there. A hobby that definitely keeps you busy.

Find Your Own Pot of Gold

Take some time and think about your passions.  What is it that you love to do?  Can you take that  passion and make it profitable?  Good luck.  I hope you find your pot of gold.


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    • ImChemist profile image

      ImChemist 7 years ago

      I think more money need more work !

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 7 years ago

      Happy to hear you were able to make it work. Myself? Too many things interest me, but not certain any of them would be my passion!

      I hope things work out with the company you are part owner of. It's often very difficult to work with family and to maintain a good relationship.

      Family is more important that business.


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